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    No thread used here.... New log book needed, so (sew) why not start one at the beginning of a new year..
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    Recommend adding a heavy duty Deans connector up near the motor. That way you can disconnect the electrics for storage in the ute = no dangly bits between sites.
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    Mine are all three or four FD high at present. One or two boxes fully capped per hive. I'm not tall enough to let them go five high so it's time to harvest.
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    On my latest coffee expedition via the hill shortcut I noticed the manuka in full swing and not a hive to be seen. The local commercial hasn't put his bees up there this year .
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    Bees fall into water all the time where they normally drown. If I had to guess I would say they are flying either to an offshore island or across a Bay to flowering trees . I have seen manuka Beatles along the high tide mark at local beaches in their millions and the odd bee turning up on a beach should come as no surprise to anybody. If it becomes an ongoing problem then it might be worth looking into. It could even have been a large swarm hanging on a tree over the water. There are lots of possible scenarios.
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    Hi Ron, the website says lithium battery has 4 hour use time and 6 hour recharge. It is the latest version they have out. I’m going to have a look and a test drive of one in June so will have a better idea if it might work for me after that, will post something around then and take things from there Cheers
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    @Kiwi Bee I am no pro at this, however perhaps they are removing them because they are damaging or died.
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    @Trevor Gillbanks a good effort, but how about fixing the thread heading please ?
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    I have the same crane on my trailer. Would you like to have a play before pressing the button?
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    This'll be going on our new ute later this year: https://www.topmaq.co.nz/shop/automotive/500kg-electric-ute-deck-swivel-crane/ Build a cradle for it to lift the hives, and buy a good quality sack barrow (solid, with fat wheels, long enough toe) to get the hives to the ute, and you're good to go. We built our own ute crane about 8 years ago for our first ute. Still does the job well. Cost about $800 to build the crane and cradle back then. The sack barrow was close to $300, but it's been worth its weight in gold.
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    GPS location please .... ..... of the coffee.
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    Yes, and it should mean there's more value in planted sites i.e. plant known Manuka seed, for honey that exceeds the definition and is high UMF...
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    If the rates invoice for my modest patch is anything to go by, these landowners can't really be faulted for wanting to maximise their returns. I guess it depends which feet the shoes are on.
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    A little more on this guy Samuel Ramsey - University of Maryland https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305805061_Identifying_the_primary_host_tissue_composing_the_diet_of_a_honey_bee_parasitic_mite_Varroa_destructor
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    If the new Manuka honey standards adjust the price of a lot of honey down and it is unrealistic for beeks to pay for some sites, I wonder how the current pay for hives system can unwind with out ill feeling all round ..
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    I have no idea what my bees are doing below their excluders. To look means lifting off a nearly full honey super.
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    The fishing has been rubbish from Whakatane to Opapae so Ive come home to the Bees The first new Summer Queen orders have started so Id rather be organizing them than sitting in a tin can with a grumpy crew catching sharks. My son shot a couple of yearling Reds near a apiary two weeks ago so we had back steaks for Christmas instead of fish although it was Tua Tua fritters for breakfast today. There are some tall hives by the Oyster farm at Ohope and some really burnt off country that side of the Mamakus where all those brightly colored hives usually sit.
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    This is getting crazy. There is no way this stupidity can keep on. However the media hype it all up so farmers/landowners are getting more and more greedy.
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    It's all happening at once here, Manuka, kanuka, pohutukawa, even some big rata trees I have never seen in bloom before. My strongest hives have been bringing in a 3/4 super each week for the past three, the bees are even filling queen cups with nectar which made me laugh. It was good good to see some of our bigger putaputaweta, covered in flowers, being attended by little black native bees; the potential for apis melifera overload is pretty high in the Waitakeres. i will have to read up on what native trees are still to flower around here, there is a big stand of gums in the park but someone has put another 50 hives down there permanently. The tutin risk is going to be quite high with the usual flow being short, the probability of drought and lots of plants around Exhibition drive and the cliffs, from Titirangi through to Blockhouse bay, covered in tutu bushes.
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    I have been 'caught' with this, kind of, but it was not a case of having made up my mind already, it was a case I was trying to explain what I currently had heard, been told, watched or witnessed, and was told I wasn't listening. I was actually listening, but was getting conflicting information, and was trying to make sense of it. Being a beginner, the learning curve is very steep, but remember that it is not a case of taking everything everyone says as the only way to do it. Everyone has to evaluate what they are hearing from many sources, and work out which of those will work for their apiary, and individual hives at that. I have had some harsh comments directed at me, and it is very offputting, and sorry but that should not be acceptable by anyone's standards. I have 3 hives, and they all are very different in the way they behave, and the layout and timing of what is going on in them. So to be told I am not listening, or am just an amateur, when I am simply trying to work out which of 10 answers I can successfully apply to hive 1, when that method would probably destroy hive 2, is not fair at all. Add to that trying to explain what is happening, and trying to use the correct terms etc, takes time, as everyone knows only too well. Everyone on here was once starting with their first hive, and trying to make them work in a hobby that doesn't have a single standard protocol. @tristan I want to keep a few hives as a hobby in my backyard, which to me is hobby 'beekeeping', as opposed to commercial 'beekeeping', or even having a hive in my backyard with no idea what to do 'beekeeping'. It is all 'beekeeping' and will never bee the same 'beekeeping' that you have going on, or M4tt or Grant, or anyone else. So please, your comment "rather than beekeeping', is precisely the kind of comment that you, as an experienced beekeeper, should not be throwing around at us newbees... It just makes you sound like you know best, and anyone without your experience is just a deaf amateur. I have to call you out on that. Please, with all due respect, and knowing that you do have significant experience and knowledge, please drop the condescending attitude towards those just starting out. I know you know heaps. I don't, OK, which is why I am here in this forum.
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    @tristan v @tudor We need an eating popcorn emoticon. I reckon they're both right.
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    That's cause you are a north island softie.
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    Over 40 years ago I spent three days canoeing the peloris river while attending Outward Bound. I would like to say I remember the beauty and tranquility but mostly I remember the bone chilling cold with ice on the side of the river. In the end I think most of us just wanted to crawl into the bush and die. I went back a few years ago and found it to be very beautiful but you wouldn't get me putting my big toe in, even in the middle of summer.
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    Come on Folks. This is the December Diary. Get with the program, I have already created a January 2018 thread. Thread now locked. Go to January 2018 Thread.
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    Oh good, I'm sick of shaving.
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    I worked on a site a few centuries back where they had squencher on tap. I think we drank far too much of it as it was rather addictive
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    i'm interested. would have to do a bit of research on the price considering that the manuka thing just went bust. how about a manual one? but considering the state of my back and i really hate hiring someone at night, most guys turn up half drunk....
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    I have to find another 6 sites, one Kanuka/bush site owner wants 75$ per hive and the others are after no less than $50 plus honey??? Last year I made a 35$ profit on all these sites and after paying the land owners I ran them at a loss. I'm pretty much paying to put them there.
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