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    Plenty of pollen coming in off the buttercup that has started flowering.
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    At risk of seeming picky, more likely chronic bee paralysis virus. We just don't see acute bee paralysis (closely related to Kashmir bee virus). And yep, requeening is the suggested fix for CBPV
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    See if you have any luck with "Poor Man's Split "
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    Got around all hives today. Depowering the big ones before going on holiday has worked a treat. Very few showing any inclination to make play cups along the bottom of frames. Only found one cup with a day old larva. They got a frame shuffle and will get split later if they keep it up. One hive found with chronic bee paralysis virus. Easily a dozen shiny bees on each frame. Tomorrow I'll go back, squash the queen and do a paper merge with a spare colony. I've seen this once before and requeening fixed the issue.
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    http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhUDH9LkxRdNsd7l6Ge5RxB5YlO2464Kf This is is a great, well produced, collection of videos. It’s about abnormal colony situations. All their videos are good, but not always applicable to NZ
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    There's nothing wrong with walkaways ?
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    @Philbee ah,nucs were walkaway splits/emergency cells, so I'm guessing No3 should be around 2 weeks old. I haven't got round to purchasing one of ChrisM s cell carriers yet and still sussing the ins and outs of creating my own cells,so walkaways it is. @kaihoka I'll give it another week...if the damage hasn't been done by then,nuc will get another frame of brood.
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    Personally, if I find a month old virgin I kill her. They are like Horses in that there are too many good ones to justify messing about with bad ones Learnt this the hard way
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    Bit of a break in this weather this arvo so I checked on my first 3 nucs I made for the season...four weeks ago.2 Goldie brown mated and 1 dark virgin still roaming about...hopefully get a few fine days soon for No 3 to get out and do her business!!
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    seaweed is probably as good as straw in terms of allowing bees to self rescue so they don't drown.
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    Weather and wind direction could play a part @kaihoka. Another factor could be that each affected site had strong hives and therefore more foragers .
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    That good feeling you get when you go to an apiary expecting small colonies needing feeding and find they are doing just fine. The Burr comb is due to the 40mm dry sugar rim I had on. Hives now have top feeders on. I only got to look at half the yard as I got there at 6pm. Back tomorrow with some boxes to go on the singles. And final job before leaving site. Fog the hives. And then get out the Ute again because you realise you didn’t put the electric fence back up ?
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    I got 2 swarms today. 1 nice NUC 5 framer and the other a large 10 framer (4.5kg of bees)
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    @Beefriendly to be technically correct,a walkaway split is where you split a hive ,say a 2 box hive for example...take top box off and put it on its own base with lid and mat,take to another location and let the bees sort it out themselves. My nuc splits are similar but I do select the frames I put into it,honey pollen eggs and capped brood.The bees should make an emergency queen cell or two. More of a poor mans split( no buying of a cell or mated queen) Downside is the timeframe to get a laying queen.Hope that helps explain it a bit better.
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    Spelt correctly i was musing over terminology used It caused us to enroll in night school Queens, play cups, brood etc...
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    Try "walk away split", "poor man split" or "pauper split"
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    Ahh, that makes sense. So his “isolated” site is no longer
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    auger is good for big chunks. trouble is it leaves a fair bit of small wax bits in the honey. so you really need to run another cleaning process after it. centrifuges, it depends a lot on which one you get. generally speaking they are not great with big chunky hard wax and don't handle crystalline honey all that well. a lot of plants will run both. auger to handle any big bits, capping's etc, and then the centrifuge for the finer particles.
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    Seaweed brew provides many minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Can be mixed in with your sugar syrup.
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    Almost all year round except mid winter . If summer rainfall is favourable , they’ll flower all the way through , otherwise they burn off . Dandelion is very useful for Bees Catsear isn’t flowering yet but will as it gets hotter and drier . It’s a different plant altogether from dandelion with a similar looking flower
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    @Jaspur M According to this site it has one of the longest flowering seasons http://mydandelionisaflower.org/did-you-know/
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    I’ve never been a great fan of cinereria the seedling pop up all over the garden however since the arrival of the bees, they’re allowed to grow pretty much wherever in the garden
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    I Use a spin float, wax reasonably dry. Clogs up with willowdew crystals but otherwise copes very well. Mate uses an auger but still runs his honey through the spin float to clean it up
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    Opened up hive to see that last week after pulling out some frames etc to create a couple of nucs for queen cells that I had forgotten to replace a frame in the top box. however bees realising their dumbass beek beginner had missed one went on to build fresh comb down from the top feeder in the open frame space. What is really interesting was the honey comb had been created in a magnetic north to south orientation. My hive is oriented about 5-7 ˚ off north facing so they actually created 4 slightly angled combs to align north-south rather than a single comb. Is it normal for bees to lay the comb north-south? If so is productivity improved if hive is oriented north-south?
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    Is that OA vapor?, if so its not good to be around it
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    spent today painting and stenciling boxes while the rain bucketed down- as it has for the last 2 days- Back to squelching round the yard again. Sigh. By the amount of paint I had to clean off my hands its obvious I didnt mis-spend my youth tagging.... Love the stencil Mrs @Trevor Gillbanks
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    I definitely need to get out more, but it's too peopley out there. I know that I could easily do more work and make more money, but I work to live I don't live to work. I used to do a lot more work and make a lot more money. I can work 5 months of the year and make a living and spend the rest of my time living my life and enjoying myself. The last few years have been basically concentrated on keeping my grandparents alive and making sure they have quality of life. I will never be rich, not because I don't have what it takes, but because I don't care about being rich.
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    Checked my hive today with my mentor/ guy who got me into bees. My last check was 2 weeks ago, things change really fast in 2 weeks. I knew they could but it still caught me by surprise. I'm pleased he was there today as we found a few queen cells, the writing was on the wall for the main hive to swarm. Lots of learning today, I now know what I'm looking for now, and how to do a split, which is really cool. It makes more sense seeing it, rather than just reading about it. Good thing I had plenty of gear on site ready to go so we could split the hive. I now have 2 to deal with...
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    @Kiwi Bee that sounds quite frightening. I get my husband to help me when I need to lift whole hives to move them. He is very anxious around bees and hates being stung. The bees seem to know this and will sting him rather than me .
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    Easy enough when your young and flexible
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    Did you use drawn comb @Jaspur M ? as the Q needs to be ably to lay and it may be this that has meant they are ready to go. Also you could have - maybe you did - remove about half the frames from the bottom box and put them up in the new box just to give them more space / reduce congestion in the bottom. The other option is to take brood and bees and put them in your weakest hive to even the hives up a bit. They are very likely to look to go again so make sure you check before the next Q cell can be capped and if they are going to go again I'd make a top split leaving the Queen and all the foraging bees in the original position and take most of the brood and some honey into the top box and put a cell in or if you don't have one let them make their own Queen. The only new gear you need to make this happen is an additional lid if you leave the box on top of the hive lid below and prop up a corner with some solid twigs.
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    When you start talking about virgins and matings in the supermarket you get some sideways looks
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    Thanks. I'll tell the next one to call Nelson District Council.
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    They play death grips entire discography back to back. Theres a two week cooldown though as your hives are hot as hell
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    The four combs instead of one was nothing more than a result of committee consensus rather than centralised control
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    We are therefore pursuing a completely new approach... Apparently this device blasts the hive with music from various modern artists and the developers need Crowd funding to pay the royalties. This is my understanding of the device anyway
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    The same thing happens to my partner. He hates stings too and is a bit of a wuss when it comes to bees. He's getting there though, I taught him how to make splits last week. Nothing better than slave labour.
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    Had my first AFB in about four years today which is a bit annoying. A bit weird as well because it's in a really isolated spot and as far as I know I have the only hives within five or 6 km. I see you still can't report how bad an infection is on API web although you can on the AFB website. There were only a few infected cells and they were all a very light milk chocolate colour so at least I found it early and I just have to hope I don't get any more. The cost and time involved an AFB destruction is depressing but for me the worst thing as having to kill a hive.
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