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    My understanding of a restraint of trade is to stop you from setting up business in opposition The courts would not enforce one that stopped you from earning a living by taking employment from someone else in the same industry.
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    Tell them to stick their job. Lifes too short. I've had that happen, I got a promotion to field supervisor and my old supervisor ended up in the office, she didn't like it and started to poison the boss against me. He called me into his office and called me a rotten apple, I had known him since I was 5 years old, it was a huge shock considering I hadn't done anything wrong, I left and didn't go back. God it felt good.
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    Last year we bought a breeder of a highly recognised breeder of breeders. She was ordered in the spring and arrived in the autumn .... too late for using last year. So we molly coddled her through the winter and have been grafting from her this spring, but I am having my doubts. She is the slowest queen to build up in the yard. Most of the other breeders are two boxes of bees and have been split or robbed for brood several times over. Highly bred Mama is just contemplating going into the second brood, and I am contemplating squashing her and keeping on with our homemade crossbreds.
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    At my work yesterday i had a manager and a wannabe boss gang up on me so I played the casual employee card..went to the time clock swiped my card went home picked up my wife and son and spent the afternoon checking beehives. The best afternoon I've had in ages
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    spent today painting and stenciling boxes while the rain bucketed down- as it has for the last 2 days- Back to squelching round the yard again. Sigh. By the amount of paint I had to clean off my hands its obvious I didnt mis-spend my youth tagging.... Love the stencil Mrs @Trevor Gillbanks
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    Most of us will have queens in our outfits that stand out from the rest I wish more of us were breeding from these queens in our own areas rather than buying in "breeders" I think that one change in beekeeping practice nationwide would have a really big impact on hive / queen/ bee quality as well as bee health
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    All moved in! Flight path over the feijoa tree to the right a bir, no disasters so far. Now to build the second hive and split the existing one. Nice to bee able to have morning coffee with the girls. Thanks so much for the advice everyone
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    I hope to hell it's a wind up. But when a board member of APINZ stands up at the ethics meeting at the national conference and proposes restrictions on being able to register new apiaries with the PMS if they are within x distance of an already registered apiary, and the focus has nothing to do with disease control... you do get to wonder who's running the asylum. Worth investigating this further to find out exactly what's being driven by whom, and why. Rob McInnes, can you get names of the speakers and date/details of the meeting. Are there minutes that might be available?
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    I think I have sucked up a lifetime of it already. I haven't been fancy free for a long time, I've been a home owner for 8 years now which saps youth pretty quickly. But it also means I won't have to tolerate as much other people's crap as I get older because by then I should have a freehold house and won't need as much money to get by.
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    We have a manager in one yard that expects us to "Bend to his Will" and when we start to get a good flow going on production in the workshop suddenly we get given other tasks to do, so one by one we are split of and away from the core work the company expects us to do in a day..of which leaves us completely boggeled. The company knows what's going on but but haven't worked out how to deal with it. "Mutiny "has come to mind. The last company I worked for had a Mutiny clause in our employment contracts...but that's another story.
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    Contracts .... don't get me started, but they don't seem to be worth the time and effort that goes into drawing them up. If one party is gonna do something they will. When we folded our JV we had a restraint of trade for three years .... not allowed to run bees north of wellington, unless we offered the crop to our ex first. On wind up day the contract had been altered to 'No bees north of wellington, period". Needless to say, we burnt the contract and carried on business as usual .... something stronger than "Prats" comes to mind.
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    Pink isn't a gender. It just is.
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    To breed a stable carni italian hybrid could take hundreds of years. Because of the way bees mate, most of our bees are hybrids. But if we look at other livestock such as sheep or cattle, we find that breeders produce purebreds for sale. That's because it is already known by the purchaser that if they cross x breed bull with y breed cow they will get an animal of known characteristics. So they will buy these purebred animals to produce the desired cross bred. And they will go back to the producer of purebreds to get further breeding stock. You don't get stud breeders selling hybrids. Likewise with bees, take the most famous hybrid, the Buckfast. They are a combination of many breeds from around the world. Since they stopped being produced by Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey, many breeders have sprung up overseas selling claimed Buckfasts. But the customers are often disappointed, they are often produced from a "fixed" line rather than being early cross hybrids. On a slightly different note, where I am, surrounded by more beekeepers than you can poke a stick at, I cannot produce purebred queens there will always be a random selection of drones they mate with. I always have to buy in queens, run them for a year then select breeders from among them. Or my bees will become mutts same as everything else around here. But just yesterday I chose for the first time in a long time a breeder from among my own bees, from a long line of my own bees. It's a hive that early last season was super aggressive I always worked it after all the other hives, because once it had been opened, there was going to be no peace for the rest of the time I was at the site. Then suddenly it went super quiet. Had a look and sure enough a new queen. But I don't think I have ever before seen the queen of such a nasty hive, produce a daughter queen that is such a beauty. Anyhow the hive went on and did awesome, plus has performed just right so far this spring. I was in two minds because was wondering if there are some nasty genetics buried in there somewhere. But I'm thinking what must have happened is this. The old queen herself was good, but among the drones she mated with were some of aggressive genetics. But by luck, the egg the supersedure queen came from was an egg fertilised by a good drone, and hopefully none of those bad genetics at all have got through. That's the hope anyway, will be a while before I find out.
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    Ha Ha I can see that. However I have spent many years working for others, they all have something to teach, even if it's what not to do LOL. I too have a problem shooting my mouth, but have learned over the years that in the end the boss takes the consequences of his / her decisions along with the staff. There's a time for a tactful word, but there's also a time to keep the mouth shut and shrug the shoulders. EOD it's the bosses money, and just sometimes, he may surprise, and actually be right.
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    That would completely rule out urban bee keeping.
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    Like here? https://www.nzbees.net/topic/99-international-yearly-queen-bee-colouring-standards/?tab=comments#comment-6175
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    2016 2017 / 2017 2018 JASONDJFMAMJ / JASONDJFMAMJ yellow / Red This will be my new marking regime It doesn't make sense to me to mark queens bred in different seasons the same color which is what the current color system does.
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    They're legal I believe (ie can be put in a contract) but difficult to enforce where such a restraint would prevent you from working in a specialised industry as Hector says
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    The gold dot is probably so you can melt it down after she dies and get some of your money back . Seriously though, I did manage to get one of those queens once almost free. I ordered 10 production queens and asked for italian type ones with no black tip, they said they were happy to select some of those out for me. What arrived was 10 cages with 2 or 3 reasonable looking queens, the others looked rather manky and some of them had black stripes, and one especially beat up looking queen looked a couple years old and lived hard. The cages also had some felt tipped lettering on them. Didn't think this seemed quite right so gave them a call and told them the lettering on the cages, he investigated then got back and said I could throw the queens away they would send me 10 new ones, because what they had sent was some rubbish queens they had caged but didn't want but had sent to me in error. And one of them was an artificially inseminated breeder that had reached the end of her days. So I told them I was fine with it, don't bother to send any replacements. I hived the artificially inseminated breeder, she was pretty wobbly on her feet but did lay a few eggs and I managed to get one graft off it, then next time I went in she was gone. I didn't sell the queens from that graft I wanted to see what the bees were like, but nothing special. Still a few hive mat markings to show where they were but I didn't breed off any of them.
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    Gosh thats shady. I wonder how they call that acting in goodwill
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    From what I can remember the soft option was instant dismissal but I think that was the last thing they do after doing everything they can to ruin your life via the court system .
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    15% of lids at Mr Ecrotek's bees,beers and bangers next week ...
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    I think I worked for the same Company for 20 years also. Great bunch of people to work for. (Well, it was in my days)
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    I also have one of the mentioned breeder queens, who is sitting in the breeding yard muddling along however the same can not be said for all of the daughters that she has produced they are going fantastic. I wouldn't be squishing your queen just yet
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    Paint indoors. Remember, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
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    The one I work for has one of those too - and only very recently did they remove the "will be shot" clause from the list of punishments for it!
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    Lol If yours are anything like mine you may be in for a shock. I almost drove past one site on Friday that had difficult access but thought would be ok. I walked to it and ended up carrying boxes down to it for hives that were boiling over with Bees. Interestingly it was in a dark wet cold hole
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    Sitting in an airport waiting for boarding call after family holiday. Ten days away and 12 days since last hive check. Having doubts whether I stripped enough brood from the strong ones... ah well, what will be, will be.
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    Had a lovely day today, dodging the mid afternoon showers, got lotsa constructive work done. Splitting and sorting. If the weather gods don't rain on tomorrow's parade we'll go out and do it again. Got lovely cells, what's not t like! Gotta love my life, out with the beeses. Beats what I've been up to for the last two month, hands down...
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    There have been a couple of stray cats around here for the first time in many years. I do wonder if it's cause my dog is now 16 yrs and past patrolling the area. and they were always around , but she kept them away .
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    So true. We watched a french movie recently called "tomorrow", one of the things proposed in it was electing government (120 seats in our case) using a similar system to that of sourcing people for Jury Service. On the basis that people really do apply themselves and on the whole make good decisions, we'd be better off giving people government service in the same way as Jury Service. This would mean that there were no elections, simply that every month several new people would be selected at random and that several people would come off every month. All 120 people would be in government, there would be no party voting nor whips and so on. Their tenure would be relatively short and then they would be out again. It would save us quite a lot in perks and BS. A random selection of 120 people probably as a combined IQ greater than the current 120 and far less self interest and pressure group hoohaa too. Is it any more or less democratic?
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    I definitely need to get out more, but it's too peopley out there. I know that I could easily do more work and make more money, but I work to live I don't live to work. I used to do a lot more work and make a lot more money. I can work 5 months of the year and make a living and spend the rest of my time living my life and enjoying myself. The last few years have been basically concentrated on keeping my grandparents alive and making sure they have quality of life. I will never be rich, not because I don't have what it takes, but because I don't care about being rich.
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    We asked around to put hives in people's places, but maybe because we wanted to play with Top Bars, or because it sounded too good to be true, we didn't have many takers. We also manage hives for people who don't have the time and experience, and we mentor a lot. We organise courses, as well as give talks at garden centres, community gardens and schools (talks are always free). Hopefully it puts us in the "Good Guys" basket. As an anecdote, one of our families have 4 children, and they all love it when I visit the hive and they are home. On one of my first visits after the hive was installed, all the kids were home, ages from 3 to 10. The older kids were very keen and asking very smart questions, and getting in quite close, so I gave them our spare suits to get even closer. The 3 year old didn't want to be left behind, so when her 7 yo brother asked if he could pick up and hold a bee, I said "yes, that one you can, because it's a drone, a boy bee, and he doesn't have a stinger". They very quickly learnt to recognise "the boy bees" and all was good. The following time i visited, all kids were at school, and I find a pink dolly cot and a spoon under the hive: Pearl, the 3 year old, had been playing with "the boys", feeding them sugary water with a spoon and putting them to sleep in the cot Her mum calls her the "bee wrangler", hehehe!!!
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    My 2 cents on why some people enter the hive rental scheme, from the customer side and from the beekeeper (me) side. The Customer wants what @kevin moore has explained, and very well so. I would add that in the same way we (as in the general population) prefer to eat our own produce (use of pesticides in commercial crops, don't trust what we are being sold, prefer to have a more realistic view on how hard it is to produce that jar of honey we don't want to buy as it is $25 at the shops for maybe less than 1/2 a kilo, or simply because we want our children to know where food comes from, and how we all need each other in the grand plan of the universe). A lot of people have always wanted to get into bees, but they are responsible and don't want to make mistakes, or can't find the time of doing it themselves, or have had a bad experience in the past so want to give it another go with someone holding their hand. From my side (the Top Bar Hive beekeeper): I get a kick when my customer is home and ready to jump in a suit to admire and work the bees together. Coming from a teaching background, I love the interaction with kids and people who are ready and willing to learn, and enjoy their faces of awe. Our Top Bar hive operation means that we harvest a comb and they get to process it at home, so they KNOW that THAT honey has come from their hive and their hive only, and what was used to treat their bees, or what they have foraged on (mostly their and their neighbour's gardens). You can see the progress on their gardening for bees, there is always more plants, more flowers, as well as water sources, etc. Sometimes, there is no honey crop, and we discuss why and what can we do to improve that, we explain, they listen, and have the option to opt out. Sometimes we have a robbing event, and they get to experience it, we deal as best we can, but we always keep them informed on everything. I think they are all very happy with our way of doing things. My visits are never 15 minutes, or maybe if no-one is home and is a super quick check in winter, but quite unlikely. I allow about 45 minutes per visit. If the weather is being predictable, I let them know the day before or a couple of days. If it's been raining non stop and there is a patch of sunshine, I email them before leaving the house. That's about it. You got to love it to do it, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. And I am always thinking of ways to make it more efficient and kinder on the planet (hate the plastic varroa strips that can't be recycled!!) I don't even know what clipping tickets is referred to.
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    Looks great although I also see MAJOR SWARMING RISK written on the side of those boxes......
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    About a third of my hives are absolutely stonking! 2FD boiling with bees as you lift the inner cover. Brood nest 7-8 frames wide in both boxes. Zero swarm cells and only a few play cups so far. Earlier this week I moved several frames of capped brood from each into weaker hives and replaced with a mix of drawn and undrawn frames. I'll repeat this throughout October. The aim is to hit the end of October with all about the same strength and 2FD. Strips out, excluders on, super up and enjoy the season. For any hobbyist who's interested this is how I manage the transfers. I start by inspecting the weakest hives first. When I come across one that could use a donation I remove two or three empty frames and make a space in the middle of the top box. Frames beside the hive, inner cover on, lid stays on the ground. Later when I find a hive that is too strong I take frames of capped brood including bees to a weaker hive I prepared earlier. Spray of air freshener directly onto the frames and into the receiving box. If the box is made full the the lid and strap goes on. Empty frames go back to the donor hive. I do it this way so that I always have somewhere ready to take frames a brood without delay. Dissease inspection as I go. If I get to the point of all strong hives then I'll revert to vertical splits and split boards. Queen, forragers and empty frames downstairs. Brood and nurses upstairs. When swarming urge has passed I'll recombine through newspaper. Every season so far I have doubled hive numbers not including those that I've given away. This year I want to avoid any increase in numbers and instead work on building the strongest colonies I can. I'll graft mid season and replace any queens I consider are not performing.
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    Hi All I came across this site from the University of Geulph in Canada - their Honey Bee Research Centre's online beekeeping video series. It's a good site for the basics for us NewBees - but doesn't come close to @Trevor Gillbanks YouTube vidoes at Trevs Bees. Worth a look at Honey Bee Research Centre | University of Guelph Bear in mind it is a Canadian site so not everything they say is applicable in NZ.
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    Hi all. What is this I hear that MPI in conjunction with local councils, they are looking to restrict numbers of hives to a a square meterage. In the case I heard it was 1 hive per hectare. Yes you read correctly. And each hive must be clear of any boundary by at least 30 metres. This info came from a discussion of northland bee keepers meeting. The people leading this meeting were from MPI and asure quality. I must also say i was not present, the info came from my father so forgive me if i have muddled some peoples titles. I also have not been able to find info on line about this. Apparently this was the first public meeting about this. It's submission time people and there is some serious questions that need to be asked and answered. My personal view is its its going to drive a scenario of licenceless hives and pander to the likes of comvita. Thoughts?
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    Just bung some expired MAQS in, that'll sort out any worries about excess growth...
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    Wife always knows best Trev. Don't fight it
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    good luck with getting your darling to lie there and be stung
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