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    Three have emerged & flown away, four to go, one imminent.
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    Thanks Rob....a great site. Feeling a lot more confident about my 'girls!'.:bee::bee:
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    Sarcasm doesn't type well... my message is don't be an idiot like I was. Wait.
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    I have friends who grow sugarcane and they have been struggling with low prices for years. High sugar prices hurt a little bit but they also push up the price of products such as jam which compete directly with honey. I thought I would have to feed a record amount of sugar this autumn but fortunately the autumn has been better than summer and most of the hives aren't too bad for stores.
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    Well here's the interesting thing ..... we all know that the UMF value climbs gradually as it matures, and then, correct me if I am wrong, the value declines over the years. The sample we sent away was from the 2004/05 season ! In theory the UMF should have been a lot lower, right? Time for a retest ? "It's a mystery to me . Th game commences, for the usual fee, plus expenses ...."
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    My Kitty likes to play with mouse, listen ... Then has little lie down. noisy-mouse.mp3 noisy-mouse.mp3
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    So if UMF9 honey is not manuka, I reckon that kind of ruins Unique Manuka Factor as a thing. Change of name called for - perhaps Unique Marketing Factor.
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    I've had this problem hen dissolving on an element but has completely disappeared after using 2.1 sugar and boiling water, beat until dissolved. I think if the sugar syrup is overheated, it will crystallize. I will try the straw too. Thanks for the idea.:whistle:
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    I have just gone back and repeated the process, wish me luck. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I've done a couple of the points above, cleared out the feeder removed all the old syrup, cleared the bee saver properly. I'm now putting 2l of syrup in at a time, and the 1st lot of 2l it took them about 3 days to clear it. And its looking like they will get through this 2l in about the same time. Checked frames today and have about 4 sides of capped honey so we're getting there. Thanks again.
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