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    ...and they're getting taller.
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    that's what i've been told a apprentice: one crop in the bank, one in the shed and one on the hives.
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    when you lift a box and these break apart check them for varroa. Varroa love drone brood and this is a good chance to check for varroa.
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    So final update... and its good news. I did another inspection today. A big fat mated queen, what a beauty (best I've ever raised...). Very exciting. So it was supercedure. No other cells, very happy hive. I seem to be in a brood break, damn clouds came in just as I needed to peer into the cells, as no eggs seen yet. But she must be due to start very soon (newbee maths), and she's got lots of space. It amazing to see the setback a supercedure can be, or rather an old tiring queen, and now see why requeening and feeding up is so critical to the commercial operators. My other hive is laying comb in the brood levels, and I've just added a 3rd ¾ for the brood levels. And they are putting down lots of honey in the FD super (which will get harvested and decommissioned this season) and I could see them running out of room in the next 1-2 weeks so I've added an optimistic ¾ there too.
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    Fascinating discussion. Some of the science is a bit over my head but I would like to dispute one thing. Traditionally manuka was not identified by pollen count, it was identified by sticking your thumb in and seeing if the honey was a jelly. Cost zero- accuracy one hundred percent.
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    Another great informative article by stuff..
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    Until @Rob Stockley comes up with voice recognition I have a simple Lid shorthand in my Queen yard at least QR-Queen Right RQ- Requires Queen RC-Requires cell C-Cell SC-Supersedure Cell SwC-Swarm Cell V-Virgin E-Eggs NQS- No Queen sighted Qls-Queenless NQSE- No Queen sighted, eggs Q Hv- Queen Harvested T-Treat RB- Requires bees KQ-Kill Queen OC-Own Cell ST-Starter F-Finisher QC-Queen Castle Every input is followed by the date CB-Cell Bar, This is an important one. Larvae are grafted into cups on a numbered Cell bars from a Numbered Queen Castle (Breeder Queen) Those cups end up in the incubator in cages on racks that carry the Cell Bar number. Those cells then get placed in mating Nucs with the cell bar number recorded on the lid and then that number can be put on the Queen cage when Mated Queen is harvested.
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    To step up from 5 million to 10 million liability cover cost me an extra $165.
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    It takes them long enough to chew through that they forget where they were...
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    What a nightmare I feel for the beekeeper
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    Went through my hives today and did any rearranging. The beek who puts hives on my place arrives this week so I thought I should do all the opening up hives stuff before his bees come. One hive I had split well over a month ago and recombined 10 days ago. It seemed to have lots of conflict merging. Before I combined it I had found the month old unlaying new queen . I went to squash her , dropped her on the grass , saw her and squashed her under my boot. Then put the old queen box on top of the hive. Today when I went through them to put the old queen brood box on the bottom I found eggs and grubs in the bottom hive. And I found a queen ,. I must have not have successfully squished her with my boot and she flew back in. So much for me freaking out about killing a queen when I am looking through my hives. I have separated the hives again with a division board. She could well be a drone layer, I have had them before. I shall wait and see.
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    I think they just need some time. When the 7 frames of brood emerge your hive will look like a different beast
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    I use a hot knife & cut a hunk of comb out
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials.
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    Its wheels within Wheels as Ive said before IMO things will pan out fine but a little uncertainty is a great way to dampen down the bush fire which isnt a bad thing. Who dares wins.
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    This is my home area Phil. There are already quite a few hives in the area but why don't you pm me and I'll give you my phone number and we can have a talk about where your located on might be in relation to other apiaries.
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