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    Update... Address is not registered, still waiting on mum to find registration numbers. Since we don't have a surname the number is about the only way we can track him down apparently. Next step is I've been given the number of Byron Taylor to get someone out for an inspection. Thanks for your help all, confirmed my suspicion that I shouldn't be charging over to open up someone else's hives!
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    we have wax in excess of 100,000 plastic frames and it was all done with roller works fine on brand new frames, since we started cleaning the frames rolling was to slow, i invested in a cheap sprayer to try do a automatic spray set up but i needed frames done and this kind of set up was going to take time to develop, so one of my workers cranked up the dipper filled it with wax and went to it, took a couple boxs to master but , now i wouldnt do it any other way, as far as wax filling in all the gaps etc you must be doing it wrong, yes you probably use more wax but as kiwifruiter said its less the bees have to do, and they will move it around to suit anyway. when we crank it back up i will take a video and some photos.
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    Nice brood spring going good for some
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    <grabs popcorn, waits for Daley's reply>
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    goat meat....ewww. i'll stick to rabbit. thai green curry rabbit......yummy.
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    sounds about right :eek: if they are not making the $$$ in the good times whats going to happen in the bad times ? don't have a beekeeping goat, how about a bunny instead.
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    I didn't split to less than a full FD box. Got 4 out of some hives. Queenright box got 3 frames of Brood and splits got 4. Queenright box moved to top of split or moved 10m away and buried under a pile of Gum tree branches. A warm poly nuc will be less stressed and have more energy which probably produces a stronger flying Virgin with faster recovery and mating turnaround.
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    Up here anything north facing is starting to die off but the is still south facing pockets that haven't flowered. More the problem is (suprise suprise) hive numbers and poaching, silly money and of course convita. The two sites i looked at today are pouring in the nectar - thank the lord.........
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    It gets to all of us eventually. Unless of course we are talking one on one.
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    Mums "farm" is only 60 odd acres, she is there most of the time and would know if he's been. They spent much of the weekend clearing the area around the hives it was so overgrown the entrances had all but disappeared.
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    She's moving hives out of poly, I'm safe till tomorrow morning! :mask::barefoot:
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    4 nucs with mated queens..yeah!! Just about enough to meet my orders. These 4 Hives are on a flow so queen excluder and honey super on...yeah!! Go out to other sites....no or a very small amount of food. Two hives had swarmed between visits despite my attempts to curtail it, and I got to make 6 new nucs with swarm cells from a few other hives. Busy day.
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    Cool, thanks for the post. Slightly off-topic, but I would love to see a well-organised close-up photo collection of the things you might see in a hive - I haven't really found one online yet. The photo sequence of the development stages of egg-larvae is a good one on that site. Of course you learn this stuff best as you inspect hives, but the more high quality photo examples there are available, the easier it is for people to recognise what's what...and especially with disease recognition, the quicker beginners get better at it, the better it is for everyone.
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    Yet another swarm. They just moved in2 this old shed were there use to be bees last season. Pics don't look like much but once top board was removed they were all clinging to the top. Nice and easy to remove
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    I currently have a frame feeder in a nuc containing a small (circa 2 frames of bees) swarm. I kept the feeder empty to begin with to have the bees eat the honey they brought along but have now given them 1:1 syrup to help with frame drawing. I figure once they have drawn all the frames and have some uncapped nectar / syrup stored in those I'll replace the feeder with another frame to draw - let them fill up the nuc a bit more before putting them into a full size box. First time I'm at this so might not be the right way of thinking...but I figured I'm not losing space if there's undrawn foundation frames still.
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    Ok, I've upset you. Sorry. I did answer you though.
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    Thanks Grant. A good little function that video section. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    Hi Tony - I am looking for around 100Kgs or more of wax. Happy to pay you more than 16/kg but not much more we're a small family business trying to survive this year, which is looking pretty dismal till now... @Bron I'd really love to talk with you re: wax - I need around 100Kgs or more... Happy to come pick it up...
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    Thanks all. I'll start treatment tonight.
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    Oh and remove QE soon as virgin queen will need to get out for mating flight ✈
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