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  2. This patent suggests using teatree oil and benzaldehyde (almond extract) as a topical bee repellent. You might want to research it a bit more before trying it though.
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  4. 2 bucks ....not quite as good as honey ..... but youknow ...
  5. I’d used to take two dogs for a walk very close by an apiary, the dark brown labrador was frequently attacked or chased by bees if she wandered to close to a hive but the white dog was left alone.
  6. Just to the right of the pupal tongue cell is a vague image (in the bottom of the next cell) of a creepy ferret face smirking up at us all! Must be the light huh or the time of night perhaps.....
  7. Good scheme! My dawg is large...$ per kilo boned out, bagged and frozen? 😊
  8. Went out and fetched the selected starter hive today, three boxes of bees, and when I cracked it open I broke apart a good amount of drone brood - no mites in there. The Queen will go into a nuc in the next few days and will be one of the breeders to be grafted from - first graft scheduled for August 26th.
  9. Oh .....😘... Yeah nah ..... pretty quite on the shop front..... the chinese are rioting and not into buying honey ..... a few other clients are negotiating but not prepared to pay the price .... and I have run out of cunning plans..... for the time being. Must be that i've run out of money and had to limit my Doctor's visits. On another thought, I'm watching the news and the gaming industry looking for Gvt funding to grow a growing industry. I've heard that before somewhere ..... did'nt the Gvt want to grow the honey industry a few years ago ...... where are they now when the crap has hit the fan ..... I know one thing for sure ..... I'd prefer a honey sandwich to a computer game sandwich.
  10. Cos you already got plenty honey, unless your shop till's running red hot.
  11. We began using staples this time last year so have now completed a full year using only 40% staples for controlling varroa.
  12. In your case I'd hang fire for 12 months !
  13. I thunk my quandry is that if the recommendation is to not take meat til four months after the poisoning operation ..... what then with honey ..... should we hang fire from placing bees for four months as well ?
  14. No darn it, we have too many possums
  15. I should have said directly below and slightly to the right of the cell with AFB pupal tongue is a cell with AFB scale. Although there are other cells with scale this is the easiest to see.
  16. @Stoney did you treat with staples the previous spring or is this autumn / winter treat,ent the first time the staples have been used in your hives ?
  17. Have they dropped a bit round your neck of the woods lately?
  18. Last week
  19. The 3 teams should be finished the first round end of this week. Replacing staples.. feeding etc, overall they look good.. did some alcohol washes at this site on Friday.. 8,2,1,0 this site is coastal and generally winters well. We have the usual amounts of dead’s so far a couple at each site.. the lack of DWV seen is awesome.. mites seen in some smaller colonies that had wintered away from the winter treatment on the outside frames.
  20. Interesting to see this post revived. Hayley, happy for you to use the pictures and I have sent you the originals by email. As an update, my friend never saw anything like this again in his apiary so whatever the cause was, it wasn't contagious. I don't believe he blocked the entrance at any point but I guess we couldn't discard heat stress added to nosema, added to stress caused by splitting, and perhaps some fermented honey. Probably the sum of several causes contributed to these symptoms.
  21. @frazzledfozzle I have used staples regularly over spring, summer, autumn & winter. I see the deaths out the front door for about a week after each application. Maybe not the summer one as there is so many bees. Anyways, it’s not nice to watch, but I haven’t lost any hives. I think a key to successful application is that there is settled weather for a week afterwards. If the bees are trapped inside because of rain or cold they have greater exposure to fresh OA and their environment gets really moist. Neither of which is good for them, particularly during the cold times.
  22. You shouldn't be surprised. 1080 was originally isolated and developed by Sth African farming interests to reduce the population of indigenous wild dogs.
  23. I had heard 6 mths and even then don't eat any organ meat.
  24. Came accross this gem of info this morning.... in MPI’s ‘Harvesting wild animals for petfood training booklet’
  25. Hmmmmmmnnnn , dark colours stand out to bees more than light ones....you don't see many black beesuits
  26. Thanks for the suggestions! We are quite careful to use non scented washing power, shampoos and soaps. We even make sure there are no optical brighters in the wash (apparently these can attract bees?) And he dresses in dark colours when he’s not in school uniform. I hadn’t heard about peppermint, I’ll have to try that on myself first and hang around some bees!
  27. Got to agree, a very good pic of the nasty stuff. Would make a great training resource @Stoney.
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