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  2. You are the consummate researcher @Philbee. For sure that is not what we would have recommended for your first trial but always encouraging to see positive outcomes. We appreciate your efforts here. The longer we use HiveGate the more we appreciate what it does and without using chemicals and requiring ongoing oversight. Your next challenge is to test it in a bee robbing situation 😉, afterall it is a lot more than a wasp guard. Regards Sean
  3. Jamesc our workshop manager Marty has asked me to ask you .... if this tin EVER comes into your reach again that you pass on my cell phone number to the owner.... It’s his great granddaddy who started around 1922 ran this outfit.. from West Belt Rangiora.. Marty Woods clearly states he would give a body part up for this tin “left or right it’s your choice” he said
  4. Twelve to twenty four months ago these ads would have been spot on. Now they are a sign of how little understood our industry is unless you’re in it. When we first lived in Motu, at the time the children were preschool & primary school age we used to have some cracker floods that shut down telephone (dial up internet), power & roading for days. Nobody noticed except us, we coped as a community, cleaned up and lived in a house with a moat until the water receded. We laughed when power being out in town (Gisborne) for 3 hours made headlines & front page in the paper. Telecom always offered to credit our cellphones, which of course was really helpful because there was no cell coverage! Kinda feels like those times again.
  5. I put one of these wasp guards on a home hive a while back There is a very strong wasp population around my place and I knew this device would get a good test. When I was given this trial device by Sean and Co I could see that there was an apprehension in them that I know only too well in that, was this guy going to give the device a fair go and use it in the way that it had been designed to use. I chose not to, deciding instead to stack the odds against it I had an upside down hive that was all wrong, the queen got above the excluder and the bottom box was a mixed bag and overall light. I removed the excluder and fitted the wasp guard. This Hive is right at the door to my shed so every day Im able to spend time watching it. It intrigues me how the bees quickly adapt and take ownership of our man made interventions and this device is no exception. The wasps tend to dart down toward the entrance then quickly veer away but every now and again one will fly straight in without even touching the landing board. Im guessing these brave souls make up the majority of the daily pile of dead wasps on the ground at the front of the Hive. The hive is on hard packed dirt so everything that is tossed out of the Hive is left in plain view. There are dead Bees also but they dont outnumber the dead wasps by much. So far, despite being installed in a hive that has the cluster in the top box away from the device, at a time when the wasps are particularity active, its working well.
  6. Are you sure they're not offering insolvency services ?
  7. In the last two weeks I’ve seen a bank & a business/accounting company that’s advertising on the telly using a bee theme. Kind of have to think that they’ve well and truely missed the boat with their marketing campaigns!
  8. @yesbut the tree dahlias you gave me are all flowering . One of them broke in half two weeks ago but the side shoots are budding up .
  9. Tree Dahlia time again. Exactly the same time as last year. The bees are all over it as usual. Poor photo, poor light.
  10. is there any cost associated with attendance? can't see anything about that on the linked document
  11. Beekeepers Seminar Day - Auckland Fairway Events Centre, 17A Silverfield, Wairau Valley. Just behind the North Shore Events Centre PRESENTATIONS & LATEST INFORMATION Dr John Craig Manuka Standards Where to from here? Dr Mark Goodwin & James Sainsbury New Ways of Managing AFB & What should your hive look like? Hayley Pragert Surveillance Adviser, Biosecurity NZ Bee Pathogen, outline of the research, results today and where to in the future. Grant Redshaw . Trevor Gillbanks Beekeeping Tools & Gadgets AND MORE TO COME Opportunity to Chat to your Friendly Supplier Courtesy of the Auckland Branch of NZ Beekeeping Incorporated Email: info@nzbeekeeping.co.nz & Enquiries Chas 021 190 1342 1 Beekeepers Seminar Day - Takapuna June 2019.pdf
  12. I've finished my May round of beekeeping , which was primarily moving Staples back into the centre of the brood, disease checks , reducing boxes where needed and temperament recording . All hives have brood, some a lot, although drone production has ceased at last. There is more nectar coming in than what hives are consuming . It's dandelion, which thrives on our farm thanks in part to my pasture management . All hives needed Staples moving . Some hives have super testy bees thanks to new supercedure queens. They will get replaced in November from queens bred from my consistently pleasant to work hives. Some of the supercedure queens are nice to work. There are no deadouts and no weak hives and no sign of varroa. The hives that had CBPV have worked through it . They are looking as good as they ever have moving into winter 😊
  13. Thanks Matt for the feedback, so are you going to subscribe to the show Gary
  14. Thanks guys . First one I’ve ever taken the time to get through Good chat and easy to listen to 😊
  15. The show has been released to the masses. If you are a subscriber, refresh your podcast Application. John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and worked in the family Business “Arataki Honey” before starting his own business “Berry Bees” with his brother Peter. He now produces comb-honey for the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market. You can also listen here HERE If you enjoy, please leave a comment with what you liked.
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  17. Ill take the black one, apparently they go kinda well... be nice to have a cruiser in the garage
  18. I’ve seen it with a hive that had a dud queen and varroa. The hive died and the bees all went to a hive next door, they didn’t all fit and made comb under the pallet.
  19. @jamesc is that your wife choosing her bike .
  20. been Extracting this week , 3 days left , happy to have very little granulation this late in the season . Hives and nucs have been wintered down and hives that needed to be moved have been moved , off to see @flash4cash tomorrow to pregnancy scan goats. leaving staff member to do shed Tetris to get the wets stacked away .
  21. Give me a buzz 094278157 or email ian_harris@sapienter.co.nz
  22. Last shift, unload in the morning then last site to check and staple and I'm on shed duties and wax moth.
  23. Yes they would like that, how can i contact you to give details?
  24. She does .... which one do you want ? I think I'll re phrase that ....they all look like trouble.
  25. I checked on my hungry hive that I moved into the hakea . It was very busy and there were frames full of new nectar . So I will not need to feed it any more this winter . The hakea will keep flowering till the middle of august
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