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  2. Pour spider's. I wonder how long they are paralyzed waiting for the inevitable?
  3. unfortunately not all "research " has an apparent benefit to all beekeepers, just look at what MPI's research into "Manuka" has done to a lot of beekeepers bottom line.
  4. My memory is not as good as it once was ,but about the time varroa arrived I am pretty sure it was claimed that pasture pollination was valued in the billions of dollars per annum I think that came from one of the govt depts at the time.
  5. The big one that isnt listed in the chart above is Clover as a Ruminant feed and Legume. Legumes decrease our reliance on nitrogen fertilizers for pasture growth and provide important nutrition for Livestock. Bees are the main pollinator of White Clover
  6. my view, it's a real shame that api-nz didn't acknowledge that the levy vote was effectively a vote against api-nz, and then figure out how to become an outfit that would have broad buy-in => which would be good for all. Suspect it was about protecting reputations, especially as some in api-nz had sold the idea to politicians that they represented beekeepers. Only way to save face was to sell that story as the reason for the outcome of the levy vote, either that, or they genuinely believe that the api-nz factor had nothing to do with the outcome. Not sure which would be worse...
  7. http://www.terrain.net.nz/friends-of-te-henui-group/bees-and-wasps/wasp-mason.html
  8. freedom campers can be an invasion pest as well.
  9. Don't be rude ..... it's not as big as Phils ...... only about 18mm Oh crikey ..... that does not look good ...... a little bit of Roald Dahl.
  10. Speaking of botflies, whatever you do, do not read this article.... https://sti.bmj.com/content/sextrans/80/3/183.full.pdf What size is it please ?????
  11. Hmmm ..... it's bigger and leaner than a botfly ..... and looks evil .... a dark black wasp or hornet ..... the neighbour was concerned that it might be an invasive pest form a recently arrived freedom camper opposite her house. Another job for MPI maybe.
  12. Anyone know what this is.... a neighbour just brought it in.
  13. I was called to a hive swarming today but the result was far from expected. The hive was split into 3 10 days ago and the old queen was not left at the original site- she ended up in a nuc box and is laying up a storm. On Saturday the original site hive was examined and left with just 2 cells and no sign of a hatched cell. So not a mating flight ...too early?. The swarm landed in 2 groups in a nearby tree. A couple of hours later when we had gathered gear to retrieve it, it was returning to the original hive. If the owner hadn't been home we would never have known. I wonder how often this happens? I wonder if those swarms that don't stay are like this one and are gathered up before they change their minds.
  14. Yeah I know - that’s where I got my figures and why I asked the question. The 2018 version is available on line. kiwis, avocado, summer fruit, apples/pears, berry fruit, vege seeds and squash. my second question regards contribution to agriculture - is it on the radar for apinz?
  15. Update The vets nuc is looking really good . The queen has laid out 2 part frames and has been constricted by syrup feeding , in 5 days . They’ve built wax all under the hivemat. Queen marked . The second queen was spotted dead outside the hive . The bees have fully removed all the dead bees. There was no need to give them a frame of brood, instead , they got a new plastic frame to draw with the last of the syrup in the feeder. This will be drawn and laid in by next week I’d think.
  16. No point not missed you just said it in a different way
  17. If you hit the 'quote' button at the end of a post, it will do the above (ie quote the post so you don't have to copy it out). Now, where was I ? Oh yes . . . you're missing my point. The call for help is not from researchers at the moment, it is from beekeepers who cant sell honey that used to have a market in being blended into "manuka". Nothing to do with hype and gloss, just stark reality now. And perhaps more stark for some than others who have seen this before
  18. Dave Black was there, hopefully he'll be along shortly..
  19. I'm glad that NZ Beekeeping is working on details for a 3 year project with Mark Goodwin on nectar makers and honey following a talk MG gave at the Waikato Field Day (that I attended). That talk he gave seemed to completely undercut/undermine the other speakers looking at pollens; from my simple perspective.
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  21. They will throw it out. No food value.
  22. Understand your comments Sailabee and agree but not sure how this links in
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