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  2. I have lost a hive and not sure what to do with the frames so any advice would be great, hive had swarmed twice in october and had been a weaker hive than my rehomed prime swarm. on wintering down i noticed that there was very little bees and very little fresh brood in this hive, tried putting a frame of brood from the 2nd hive but this only delayed things. I had treated both hives with oxalic acid for three weeks in a row last month and could not find signs of AFB but frames have mould on them. can i keep the frames ?
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  4. And that sadly is what passes for journalism in New Zealand today. If only stuff would look a bit deeper into the story they would find a fascinating little back story.
  5. My younger son had a final interview for a high level job in Oz and when asked for any final comment he told the selection panel that joke - and got the job !
  6. Maybe, this one the Aussie fencer was with a couple of kiwi fencers, when they happened upon the poor sheep the two kiwi's had their way with the poor sheep. They were way out the back and told the Aussie what happens on the farm stays on the farm, the Aussie's eyes lit up and he agreed, so dropped his pants and jammed his head in the fence.
  7. For me, about 18 months. That's based on when as a teeneager I worked for Airborne Honey, who were good enough to rent me a small dwelling for the princely sum of $1 per week. I bought a used deep feeze, and stocked it with a cow that I bought from Jaspur, my boss. It lasted about exactly the remaining 18 months that I worked there. Over that time I also bought 2 in lamb ewes which lived on some spare land outside the dwelling, and eventually ate both of them plus the two lambs when they had grown. That was me by myself, and the occasional guest or guests. Must have been a big meat eater I guess, did not cost a lot though . Also established a vege garden on the property, got milk at the gate, and made an occasional trip to the supermarket. No takeaways in those days. The latest info is that meat portions should be about the size of a pack of cards daily, so I mostly restrict myself to that now. Which is helped by the astronomic prices I now have to pay for meat, as an urban dweller.
  8. Is that like the one about the kiwi shepherd in his Red Bands ?
  9. I know a joke about Aussie fencer coming across a sheep caught in a fence.......
  10. Its Nelson plant is no more but honey producer Comvita says it is committed to continuing its propolis production in the North Island. Comvita closed its ethanol extraction plant at Brightwater in March due to "considerable investment" required to keep functioning. Comvita committed to propolis as Nelson plant equipment goes under the hammer | Stuff.co.nz I.STUFF.CO.NZ Its Nelson plant is no more but Comvita says it is committed to...
  11. how long does it take to eat a whole cow?
  12. Hi John. I was jesting. I know exactly where you are coming from. You are correct about '10 new Brands' unless those brands deliver something unique enough to drive growth in the category then the value is simply diluted. What usually happens is that 9 of the 10 new brands cannot gain traction and simply drop price to move the product. The knock on effect is that price pressure then gets pushed onto the established volume brands and the whole market gets driven down. Unfortunately your shorter term approach scenario is quite prolific.
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  14. Hmmm ..... we ate the last of the rice last night, along with the old cow that got caught in the fence .....what next Kimosahbe ?
  15. I see the Gvt has given the wool industry a helping hand....
  16. Beekeepers could run 5000 hives pre varroa with a seasonal helper now try running 1000 on your own
  17. But late for that now @CHCHPaul darn it.
  18. dropped a friend to the interislander ferry terminal today - spotted this sign!
  19. 2" flexible impeller with speed control would do the job nicely. 2" Flexible Impeller Pump Complete - Variable Speed - Ceracell WWW.CERACELL.CO.NZ Welcome to New Zealand's largest range of beekeeping supplies ranging from hive components, tools and accessories, beekeeping books and protective bee clothing. Lega G120 Pump V.Speed 2" 5000kg/Hr • Ecrotek WWW.ECROTEK.CO.NZ
  20. Lift about 1.8m and enough vloume to keep up with one 18 frame extractor, somin shot don't need much in the way of performance.
  21. the old brass gear pumps are great for warm honey. retired ours as was to worn to keep up. one of the problems is the honey corrodes the brass. progressive cavity? if so ours has been very good. nothing replaced with years of use. but you can't run them dry and they do not like pumping water. also have a mesh before it to stop big stuff going through it. flexible impeller pumps are the ones that tend to fail. broken bit of frames rip the impellers up. better to tear one of those than to break a gear pump or progressive cavity pump. we have a flexible impeller pump on each extractor to a tub. then progressive cavity for the heat exchange into the spin float. then progressive cavity into the tank. flexible impeller into the drums. however some of thats getting changed soon.
  22. Sounds like your extraction system is identical to mine..
  23. We have some pretty cheap pumps. Somehow they make it through the RMP twice a year. The two extractors gravity feed honey into a small tank where a brass vein pump runs all day .... moving honey through a 50mm pipe into the water jacketed slurry tank. A 50 mm Mono pump then moves honey and wax slurry from the water jacketed tank under the uncapper through the heat exchanger to the Honey Hummer. A 32 mm brass gear pump moves honey from the extracting room honey tank below the Humming wax separator up into the bulk tank, where another brass gear pump with an electric cut off pumps into drums via a 50mm pipe. These pumps are all over twenty years old and cost next to nothing as they were second hand. The Mono pump seems to be the only one we have to maintain, replacing the rubber sleeve on the worm drive every few years. We do still use a Bucket Pump ..... for cleaning floor spillages . The only sort that does the job well. At the end of the season we 'winterise' them by disconnecting the pipes and leaving them full of honey. Seems to work.
  24. Hello @Manuka Orchard Welcome to the forum. I have copied below the forum guidelines to explain why your email address has been removed from your post. Please make sure your email address is in your profile. The registration terms are: "We reserve the rights to remove or modify any messages posted for any reason." Moderators will remove email contact, website contact or phone numbers from forum posts. Business contacts can be stored in your profile.
  25. honey frames, eat it or burn it. the problem here is trying to work exactly what killed the hive. can you take some pics of the brood frames please. what was the mite treatments? when was it looked at last before the lockdown? what was the brood like then?
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