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wasp trap result


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[USER=502]@glynn[/USER] Nenad shared a photo of the trap in the media section just a few photos back. Looks easy to make and the bait is a mixture of coca-cola and beer (concoction Nenad calls "Bee Sure" and not attractive to bees). I am hoping to give it a go this week as I am having problems with wasps too - the buggers have just been marching into my polynucs around dusk. My strong polynucs have been OK in fending them off, but I have seen at least 2 getting into the polynucs.

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Nenad, how many days did you have the trap running for to capture this amount of wasps? October is autumn for you in Serbia now (equivalent to April in New Zealand) so the wasps have had all summer to build up strength, but we had a mild winter here and wasps seem to be a problem for us this spring.

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[IMG]http://i.picresize.com/images/2016/10/17/uvqV3.jpg[/IMG] This is mentioned trailer with 100 colonies. It is a property of the "Golden Bee Group" , leading queen and package bee producer in Serbia. Here is some info on Serbian language [URL="http://www.goldenbee.in.rs/"]GOLDEN BEE – PČELARSKA GRUPA[/URL]

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[USER=4258]@Nenad Maksic[/USER] perhaps you should start a topic in the international beekeeping section. I'm sure a few off us would like to know more about beekeeping in Serbia.

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[USER=4297]@Cathryn Knox[/USER] Hi Cathryn..Have wasps been bothering you all through the winter? It's just that I'm looking for a active wasp nest for research Cheers. Geoff.

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[USER=814]@Geoff Watts[/USER] HI Geoff Sorry for the late reply. Yes we have wasps, not leads over the winter like autumn but they are still here I probably only see 1-2 a week at the moment. but there must be nests on our property. And a friends has lots of nest on their property.

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