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Black Bees

Could someone explain these black bees I found in my nuc hive? They are just black, no striping and a bit smaller. Some people say that bees turn black when robbing honey and some say it is a Chronic bee paralysis virus? This was a month ago and I do not see them any more. Much appreciated

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Yes, I have placed two strips of Bayvarol six weeks ago. I do not see the black ones any more. I am just wondering how the other bees did not catch it. Thank you Trev.

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[USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] It is a 3 frame NUC. The plan was to leave it in for another 2 weeks as per the instruction. Thank you Trev

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As [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] said its probably paralysis virus or less likely a robber bee. It seems reasonably common to get the oddd bee showing symptoms of the virus its only if it gets severe that you need to do anything like requeening. Just a suggestion, if you are wanting some feedback from members, and have a photo to go with it, post it in the general forum rather than media because you will get more people seeing it. I'm sure Im not the only one that doesnt look at the media forum very often Good photo by the way :)

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[USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] Yes, Trev. Once her majesty closes the brood I will relocate it into a bigger hive and stimulate with some syrup to make them a bit stronger for the winter. They will also have 4 frames of honey.

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[USER=100]@frazzledfozzle[/USER] Thank you. It isn't severe, as I only saw 10-20 bees that are black. My NUC was robbed at the time and that is why I thought its robbers. I moved the NUC 10km away and returned it back to my apiary after 4 weeks. Thanks for the advice. I am relatively new to this forum. Hence there is a MEDIA tab at the top of the website I thought that is a good place to put it with the correctly chosen category. Anyway, next time I will place it in General forum as suggested. Cheers

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