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a very common frame of honeybee in Vietnam

About 1/5 of frame (at the top) is used to store honey, the rest for bee larvae or sometime they store pollen.

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first is because of weather; the weather in vietnam is much more warmer (always nearly 30 celcious degree). We use only single box, do not seperate the queen with the top box like it is in NZ. And second, since we take honey out every 10-14 days in honey season, this small area at the top of frame seems to be enough.

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Are you saying you would take the honey from this frame? It is a brood frame? How would you extract the honey?

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Yes, Ali. We take the frame out, which is about 5-10 cm above the box, then shake it carefully. The bees will fall into the box. After that we use a comb to clean the rest bees staying in the frames. A tool which works like gadern watering is used to make the bees cannot fly for a while. We put these frames into the extractor to get honey. The final step is putting the frame into the box. I will make a video about this but not at this time. Maybe a few weeks later. :)

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I wonder how wide spread the practice of taking honey from brood frames is? Do most keeepers/producers does this in Vietnam?

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