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Dead Bee with Tongue Out

Possible Pesticide Kill or Just Old Age?

Photo Information for Dead Bee with Tongue Out

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[USER=3597]@Jezza[/USER] found your post. Tried looking for a post under the same category - diseases and pests couldn't find it, but the question in the subtitle made me think you were seeking beekeeping related comments. Have since found your post, so no worries.

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No worries, the link is here: [URL="http://www.nzbees.net/threads/first-hive-installation-inspection-and-ants.7539/#post-109663"]NZBF: - First Hive Installation, Inspection and Ants![/URL] In future I'll figure out how to embed images from my hard drive with out uploading them to media.

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[USER=3597]@Jezza[/USER] Not sure if we are on same page but I've simply copy and pasted images to a page without going through an Upload.

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