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Aurora Australis

Tonight's Aurora Australis from Christchurch was particularly nice. Some great beams during the 30 minutes I watched it for, including some very that were very bright to the naked eye. Thankfully the clouds parted at just the right time.

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Wow. Going down south in Feb to Queens town with overseas folks. Does this sighting happens around that time of the year.

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[USER=1]@Grant[/USER] is there a "solar CME or coronal hole" watch list somewhere. [USER=102]@dansar[/USER] same bucket list. Did not see it when doing night skiing in Canada.

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First stop is staying at Mount Cook with visitors for the night sky. Don't see much stars at night in Malaysia. Any advice is welcome.

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Its like trying to forecast rain. If there is an aurora forecast for the night, look south and hope there is no moon. You may see nothing at midnight, 5 minutes later there may be a glow. You wont see colours with the naked eye unless its very strong. Usually it looks like a feint cloud or if you are lucky, columns.

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