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Chilled Varroa

Today I did a Varroa test with my Cell transporter. Put half cup bees in warmer and set to 10 degC. 3 hrs later inside top surface of warmer is at 10deg C, All bees near death. Reset to 35 degC an warm up, All bees alive and well. One dead Varroa.

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[USER=100]@frazzledfozzle[/USER] Ive just sugar shaked the same bees and got a zero result. Ive now got another half cup of bees from a hive that is due to be treated and processing them. Obviously Im not taking any honey but rather storing it all for winter in numbered boxes of course.

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Its been a big day out hunting Varroa. Learned a bit and got some good photos and video. It appears that Varroa fall of the bees in the cooler at some point below 18 deg C and along with the bees fall dormant. Then at 18 deg C on the warm up cycle they come back to life and go looking for a bee to climb onto. They scuttle across the floor at a modest pace and then somehow sprint up the bees abdomen in a way you would least expect. I've concluded that the pic that I've posted is probably a poor shot of a very cold Varroa. Other shots of the same specimen show a darker color and more oval shape. Although its not really relevant as I have more photos and video. Overall my hivé's have very low Varroa numbers and the only place I found them was in an unsplit good hive. '

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