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According to Serbian law, must be reported to veterinary inspector and burned in his presence. The state refunds it with ~ 150 NZ$ per hive which will be enough for a new hive and five frame split in the spring. I found it in two of two neighbors (begginer) hive so she is disappointed but has some money for start next year.

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Thanks Nenad Maksic. Here in New Zealand we must report and incinerate at our cost. We don't have to wait for an inspector and we don't get any state refund.

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[USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] To be registrated beekeeper in Serbia have to pay ~ 22 NZ$ per year. For every registrated hive fee is ~ 0.5 NZ$ per year. Every registrated beekeeper get ~ 10 NZ per hive every year. We have 1 200 000 registrated hives in Serbia :)

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[USER=4258]@Nenad Maksic[/USER] in New Zealand we pay NZ$20 per beekeeper plus NZ$15.17 per apiary. There is no limit to how big or small an apiary can be. A typical commercial apiary would be 24 hives.

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