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Where have all the wasps gone?

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Soon there won't be any swan plants either.

Enjoy it while you don't have the paper wasp established Rob....I've gone from raising 100+ per year to struggling to get 5 hatched.

At least the common wasp changed to sweet food in Mid Feb giving the overwintering population a chance.

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Department of conservation and regional councils are trialling wasp eradication or control programmes. Nationally the goal is drive down wasp numbers which will have benefits for bee keeping.


DOC and regional councils are running control programmes for German wasps and there is a national programme to eradicate them.which will start to limit their numbers in some areas. Good for bee keepers.

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not too many wasps as yet for us; put some vespex out last week as I was away and wanted to capture any if they came out in force.

Last year we didn't get any wasps on mass until Autumn and then they caned two of my hives. Found 5 nests around our property and set up vesper bait stations so hopefully this has an on going effect

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I see 1 or 2 wasps lurking around my urban beehive almost every day.


Scouts. If you don't kill'em, they report back to base and bring the troopers. (I accidently watched a wasp documentary yesterday)

Last year we had a hive somewhere in the garden but one day all of them disappeared. I had no beehives back then so I did not care, this year I'll be vigilant.

My friend had a huge nest in his retaining wall and he was afraid to go close, I applied that powder thingy (no wasp eliminator I think) and that killed all overnight. Seemed very effective and easy to use.

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So far this year I have only seen two nests. One was at my sister-in-law's where it stung my mother-in-law (who I like) so that one got the carbaryl treatment. The other was a small nest in the bush and unfortunately I didn't have any poison with me. Bad honey crops normally equate to low wasp numbers and so far that's what we are seeing. I also haven't seen any giant willow aphids yet despite checking in areas I've seen them in the past. I still plan to use vespex around apiarys that have a history of wasps.

Pretty impressive wasp nest, I've seen one or two that would be close to it. There's no way I would tackle a nest that size without a visit with some organophosphates first. Small nests are scary enough but one that size could turn lethal pretty fast and I know from bitter experience that standard beekeeping gear is not 100% effective against that kind of menace. If I had to do it I would wear heavy jeans and a thick longsleeved shirt under all my gear and I would duck tape my gloves ankles and waist.

On second thoughts I would just poison and run, I can't think of any reason good enough to risk getting done by a nest that size.

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I waged war on them a couple of years ago when they chased my cat. I found three nests and just sprayed them with ordinary fly spray.

Those that flew straight at me, got a face full and dropped like flies used to.

I've seen four so far this year,the last two were on an old sunflower stalk, probably getting material for their nests but flew away before I could do anything.

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