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All I need is a manuka flow...

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Your going to need more boxes then that ;) it's going to be a huge manuka flow on the east coast this year :mask::mask::cool:

That's just for one apiary mate :mask:



You need a Manaku flow to be rich or just to keep you in ready supply of Tui for the summer?

If the Manuka goes well I might be able to afford the fancy stuff that @Rob Stockley prefers :D

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Hope you have a good one .up north was a shocker

Cheers mate, I wish. I don't really produce manuka, the stuff I do have isn't worth what yours is up there, so tongue firmly in cheek on my original post.


But you know, a born optimist and all that.


Sorry to hear it was a bit of a bust in your area, here's hoping you get another flow to ease the pain.

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It sure is a bust Dean. i've heard some horror stories of thousands of big commercial guys hives starving out after being choppered in right up north - te hapua, te kao areas, someone told me 3k deaths :eek:.

The Bay/Kerikeri also a bust.

Some guys have done okay(ish) over our way, but my coast sites just got wiped out in the wind and cold, enough to keep them going and that's about it.

Lousy !!!

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if it still wants to happen it better hurries. not even a month left till harvest.

my theory is that an early wet spring causes the manuka to invest into a lot of green shoots.

when the flower comes on the manuka is too busy to hang on to the new green growth, therefore not enough juice pressure to produce a good nectar flow.

would like some comments from botanists and also beeks with long records on that theory.

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