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Incredible rudeness

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I think those people must have got a life . I'm still here so obviously I have not got one yet .

Remember that TV program Cheers? Essentially a comedy set in a bar where the same characters showed up, sat on a stool and interacted because they had nothing else going. This site is Cheers for beeke

Looking at this old thread I haven’t seen @Kiwifruiter or @Janice on here for ages.     

I get maybe 2-3 texts per day asking either about my honey or about bees, and quite a few don't identify themselves and bluntly ask "You got honey/bees for sale ?"


Am I just old fashioned ? One did reveal that his/her name is Beth ...

I get the occasional few like the above but mostly I get good informative txts if they are from a new source. (could be that I have a better informed/discerning buyer in this part of the country) I try and always put the name and an identifying message into my phone address book when I get a new inquiry so that next time the name comes up on my screen and I have a few clues about the person before I answer.


Oh the ones that don't identify them selves get a blunt "Who You" back

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They don't really do themselves any favours with that kind of behaviour... I'm used to giving a short introduction whenever I get in touch with anyone (who I am, why do I know who you are, why I'm calling) and I've found the people in the community / industry to be incredibly accommodating and helpful with their time and knowledge so far.

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I actually hate it when people blame the change in technology for people's bad behaviour.


I think it's far more likely to be the lack of corporal punishment and rubbish parenting.

The anti smacking law is going to be the biggest stuff up we've ever made for the future of society.

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That's so true.

But it gets to a point as an adult where not knowing better becomes less of an excuse.

If someone is rude to me I will be rude back, if only because it teaches a lesson.

I have put up with two bullys at work for the past 3 years. I have now started giving it back.... and now they treat me with respect. Give it how you get it :-)

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Haha just showing your age the young ones would have googled and Facebooked you and know allll about you

The latest Tui ad? Googling "Buck" or "Desmo" isn't going to get them far :whistle:


I do miss simple good manners though.

I'm sure we were generally more polite back in the days when failing to observe simple decency had a chance of eliciting a painful reminder of why we should.

*sigh* I'm getting old :x3:

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Interesting how many people on the thread are no longer with us.


Re the original actual subject, back when i was selling bees i used to constantly get messages that said "how many hives you got?"


What was annoying was that this message expressed no intent to actually buy any hives, and regardless of how I replied the great majority of these message senders never got back, or turned into a sale. 


So eventually I just sent a standard reply "how many you want?" or just to show the stupidity of their question, I would just answer their question and tell them how many hives I had.


If someone really wanted to buy bees, a sensible message to me would have been < I need X number of hives, can you supply? > I did get some of that type of message and they had a high rate of turning into a sale. 


And oh, the other really ignorant one i used to get was someone would be in touch about prices etc and then say OK i might get 20 hives. I would message back to ask if they definately want them, there would be no reply. So as bees were a hot commodity at the time i would sell the bees to people who actually wanted them. Then a few weeks or months later the person would get back and say "I'll come and get those hives next week". I would say sorry, I'm sold out. Then several times the person really spazzed out at me, despite they never made any definate committment to buy and did not even reply when i messaged further to try to get a confirmation.


During this time period I really did start to wonder if the average Kiwi is a lot more rude than appears on the surface.

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