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Potential swarm in Nelson

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Obviously I'm in Gisborne, but I've just received a message from a lady in Nelson who has a swarm in a tree on her driveway, and she was wanting to know what to do with it.

I suggested I put it up here and I'm waiting for her response.

Here is what she sent me:


Hi Dale this is Kayleigh. I live in nelson, and I've got some of your honey here that I got from my mum and Dave, from Gizzy on the Go. Anyway, I was wondering if you could offer any advice on what I could do with a swarm of bees that's alighted in one of my trees. Can I cut the branch and move it or are they best in the tree they are in...


It's right next to and hanging over a driveway, the bees came from my silly neighbours that appear to have gotten tired of looking after bees and put the bees on a towel on theiron lawn, and now they're in my tree.


Usually I would suggest she goes and tells the neighbour to come and collect their bees, but if for some reason they had put them out on a towel they sound like a tit.

She may want someone to go and catch the bees, will let you know as it develops, someone in Nelson may want to catch them and take them away.

If anyone's keen comment and I can pm you her address and let her know someone will come and collect it.


Ok false alarm she said a beekeeper came and got them.


But who puts their bees on a towel... what the heck

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