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Rugby ground for bees

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Local school asked me to do a session with 5-6 year olds who are doing a bee project, took place this morning. Lots and lots of questions (some regard comments as the same as questions, rather like some bee keeping club meetings). Good thoughts about what bees can see, what plants they like, do they need water, how long do they live, and wasps were mentioned a few times. And they appreciated my humour that all workers are known as Fiona, and all drones called Bruce.


One issue was a house for the bees, and they had great ideas which I had to be a bit negative about, and told them how we had to be able to inspect a real bee house. But one lad has designed a rugby ground for his bees with grass and all, flowers to attract the bees, and feeders to supply them with "nectar" (I did point out that it must be made with sugar, not honey). Most impressed by his planning skills, very serious and deep thinker.


Later, while having a cuppa with the teacher, we mused over that the thing most resembling a rugby ball is a swarm of bees ...

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