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3/4 frame nucs. How? Best options?

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I have been reading that it is sensible to have a nuc box or two as part of my equipment.

I have looked on line, and at Ecrotech, and nucs seem to be 5 full deeps?

I run all 3/4 boxes ( although I do still have 2 unused fully kitted full deep boxes)

Do people not do 3/4 frame nucs? Lots of people run 3/4 boxes.

Can I just make an 8 frame nuc out of one of my 3/4 boxes (or even less than 8 frame) and use newspaper or something to divide?

What is my best option if I want to make nucs for myself ( or maybe even selling excess if I get that lucky)

Not the $ with me remember. I just have this idea that I may not be totally in control of how many bees I do or don't want!!!

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Some manufacturers make them, you just need to ask...

South Island? Any clues?

I guess I also wondered about creating a nuc in my 3/4 boxes. Can I use newspaper or other to make box smaller?

What got me thinking is all this trying to get queens business.

If I ended up with an extra queen I wouldn't have much reserve to share. So trying to figure out possibility of a small split.

If that makes sense.

So much to learn.

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Put a partial saw cut thru middle of one of your spare boxes both short ends and side in a piece of hardboard. Four frames either side, adapt base for front and back entrance.


We don't have any nuc boxes at all. We use standard full size boxes. Himself made me side by side nucs using full depths for me as a present a coupla years ago. Then you can whip the hardboard out if you're short of a box.

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I have run 3/4 boxes for best part of 20 years no problem and got 3/4 nucs from the then echroids. Sure i saw 3/4 kitset nuc boxes on ecrotek web site catalogue today. i will have to have another look later.

Cool. I will re look. Ta.

What about the paper thing?

I am sure I read about it somewhere...



I run 3/4 frames in my FD 5 frame nucs. No problems at all . Having FD nuc boxes means on size fits all for splitting either FD or 3/4 hives :)



I must get use of my FD boxes one day.

Food for thought...

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All our nucs are 3/4 (and our hives). Before putting boxes together we put 2 grooves in each end, then use metal ''division" boards. Our bases have a small entrance on 3 sides which we can adjust according to the season. If you use hardboard, having a top piece, not sure what to call it but like a top bar, means that you can staple a plastic queen excluder to it and put a super on, or a feeder. This allows one to put 2-3 cells in (depending on many divisions you make) and hopefully get the same number of mated queens. The most important thing is to have no gaps where 1 queen can get to another one.

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