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Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) in top bar hive

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We are experimenting with Maqs in our top bar hive. First try wasn't very successful, but we did a half dose to see what happened. We staple a strip go the mass gel on an empty top bar, and place it a bit out of the brood nest (one honey/pollen comb away from last brood comb) on each end of brood area.

Just a fair warning: Maqs stinks :eek:

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Welcome to the forum..

We gave up on MAQS a while ago, we felt they were a harsh / fast treatment, sometimes inadvertently they were a flash treatment.

It is too hot right now to use them here and our results in Spring were quite variable. So, too hard to manage and quite expensive.

We also felt that during Autumn the short treatment time left us vulnerable to reinfestation from commercials bringing their hives home for winter.

We are using OAG staples cut to a custom length to suit our hive depth and this has been going particularly well for us.


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