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Varroa treatment with a new queen?

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I lost a queen earlier this year in one of my hive, either she left or more likely a clumsy beginner (me) killed her by accident. The hive built a number of queen cells and on advice from a beekeeper I removed all except one. Last week the cell was gone and tomorrow I will be checking for eggs to see if the queen was successful.

As there is no sealed brood in the hive I was wondering if this was a good time to do a varooa treatment with ApiGuard?, all the varroa would be exposed meaning that one treatment might do the trick. Or should I go with 2 treatments as per the instructions.

Or is a treatment like this the wrong thing to do with a queen that has only just started laying, would the smell get in the way of her pheremones or cause any other disturbance?

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when was this hive last treated for varroa, and what with.

i am intrigued by the beekeepers advice to only leave one queen cell, i would generally leave all cells if letting a hive re-queen themselves, simply so that the best cell wins. if you leave only one, and something happens to it, or it is defective, you are back to square one. interested in other peoples take on this as well...

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The hive was bought as a nuc in October, the seller told me it had been treated, but I did not ask with what.


I also have Apistan strips, does that work @tudor ?

BTW, if there are no eggs I'll be looking to buy a queen, that's the plan B for me.

There are opinions, I tend to use bav, lower dosage and can be used with honey supers on if there is an emergency.

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