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Giant walnut shells

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Some years ago we bought some giant walnuts and kept the shells for some good reason. Now that we are using wax from the honey, we have developed a nice candle/toy made of wax in the walnut shell, with a simple wick.

They can be lit at the dining table and floated in a dish of water, or the grand children love floating them in the goldfish pond with the candle burning.

We don't seem to be able to find really big walnuts for their shells, it may just have been a good growing year.

If anyone sees giant walnuts, could they either let me know, or buy and eat them after opening carefully, keep the shells, and let me know so I can pay postage for sending them to me.


[The pic shows 3 kinds of candles at the mid winter dinner (Yuletide), 2 of the 3 generations present, and Beef Wellington waiting to be scoffed].



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