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Mean Head Ache from 5.56 CRC (Restoring a Davidson Uncapper)

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Last year I acquired a couple of vintage Davidson uncappers with the intention of using the one for parts and getting the other going again.

Well with the wet weather over the last couple of days I made a start on the newer of the 2.

First an hour with the water blaster to remove the bulk of the wax and crud. Then Several buckets of hot water and CT18 degreaser/detergent and a scrubbing brush followed by more water blasting.


I was told the main motor needed replacing however re fixing a loose wire and pressing the reset revealed that the problem was over loading caused by the crud seizing the bearings and chains.

Hence the 5.56 head ache.:devil: A can of CRC, a screwdriver to work every seized link free several missing bits of skin a blister or two and did I mention a mean as Head Ache.:sick: I now have the in-feed chain, the main chain, the out-feed chain and the cutter heads all operating again.

I still need to re fit the drip trays and the Cappings auger plus another wash with and degreaser/detergent.


Question time for those that know. (y)

What is the correct lubricant to use on a food grade machine? Bearings and chains? and corrosion prevention?

I already know that cold water blasting is the best way to preliminary clean the extractor and cappings spinner and the uncapper will definitely get the same treatment.


Any other interesting comments welcome.:)

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bearings or belt (if belt driven). sometimes gearbox.

Bottom of the drum the main basket shaft sits in a brass cup(El cheapo Chinese electric extractor)the old Italian one I had the main basket shaft sat on a single ball bearing in a brass cup and run very smoothly. The crude engineering on this one it's just stainless to brass with no buffer so that's where the veg oil might help.

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Bottom of the drum the main basket shaft sits in a brass cup

as long as the cup up out of the honey, then a bit of food grade grease would be better as that will stay.

vege oil comes off fairly quick, normally have to lube the chains fairly often.

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Another question, @tristan

How to set up the heater system for the knives? Hot water? steam? what to use as a generator/reservoir for the heat?

hot water is easy enough. there is specially made setups if you wish. we used to have a small under bench hot water cylinder and a hot water pump.

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