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Extracting a Honey Bee Colony from a rotten tree

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I think making up a vac setup will be a project for this winter . Would make doing cut-outs a lot easier . Very nice video there Trev . I'm sure it's more difficult than you make it look ! Good forethought with the tie down straps . I think that tree would have blown to bits without them . Then your vacuum would have had a workout !

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Great video, thanks.

Can you please give info about the vac, tubing and collection box ?


Have a look at this video @tudor, It is all explained here.




I have added the Dewalt portable vac instead of the electric vac.

Tudor, if you subscribed to my youtube channel you would have found this video very easily. (My chance here to advertise.)

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Hi Trev,

Notice that you had a small frame on the bottom of the box you transferred the colony into. Was the box a 3/4 and the bottom frame is to convert it into a FD?

No. It was a Full depth box. I have a 80mm space under the box for swarm collection. This gives the bees somewhere to hangout until some comb is drawn.

I also do drone trapping so all my brood boxes have a 3/4 or drone frame in them.

Check out my other videos. All the info is there.

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Thanks Trev, maybe you could post some photos showing how the bees have drawn out the rest of those frames of wild comb?

They have been moved on. It is now a 2 FD box and I have cycled those frame out.

The brood is only kept initially to help the colony settle. Remember it is no longer a swarm but a set up colony in it's own right.

The brood helps prevent the colony absconding.

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