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Varroa treatment for a just caught swarm

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I got my swarm last month. It had a virgin queen and I put it in a FD box with new frames.

A week later I made an OA fumigation treatment(there already were 3 patches of combs with some nectar).

Lees than a week after the treatment there were few fresh eggs.

This was my first attempt of this kind of treatment and I call it successful, however I am not sure about the success rate if I have to do the same thing with 50 swarms.


I also had a split with unsuccessful queen mating and I united it with the swarm. Now everything goes well in that colony.

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I am sure the treatment was good as there was no brood of any age and there was enough OA(1g) fume to cover everything. I did not make any counting so do not ask statistics please.


As a possible side effect I was thinking, prior treatment, about losing the queen. I did not know what to think about the virgin queen's reaction after the fumigation. It seems to be a safe treatment(no harm to the virgin queen as she did not lost orientation during her mating flight = SUCCESS).

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