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I am doing it now lots of reading to be done but in saying that its not that bad. I guess it depends on weather you have done studies before. It helps you build up knowledge. I would recommend joining a club, going along to there spring beekeeping course and finding a mentor to show you there hives as well . This wil give you practical experience too and meeting people. I am enjoying the course and gald I did it. good luck

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Im just on my last paper & deeply disappointed with the whole thing.

Beyond frustration reading such long out of date information & having to reiterate it in assignments which is just plain pointless.

I expected an academic organisation to be at least up to date with the info / laws / regulations they want students to learn.

My advice: Find a local course / join your local beeclub for practical learning & advice / get your hands on the Practical Beekeeping NZ book & youll be way more uptodate than what Telford will give you.

The only reason ive stuck at it till the end is because i hate quitting something once ive started.

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