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There is an opportunity to help by sending in any infected wasps found - address is in quoted section below


To help with research, people are being asked to send Brown hibernating wasp queens from around the country.


Mites have been found on hibernating queens, suggesting a link between the organisms from year-to-year, and the researchers want to get a better idea of how many queens are infested.


The queens, which are much larger than workers, look for somewhere dry and dark to hibernate during winter, often garages, sheds or wood piles. During hibernation they can be found sitting quietly with their wings tucked under their abdomen.


While hibernating wasp queens were "very docile", people should still take care, Brown said. Once caught they should be killed by being put in the freezer overnight.


They can be sent to Brown at PO Box 69040, Lincoln 7640. It is recommended they be put in a pill jar with tissue paper. People are asked to include a note with details about where they found the wasp and their contact details.

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