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Just wondering about Ceracell & Apistan

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Although in saying that, the way it's worded, the statement is true if it is possible under some circumstances that 100% of mites were killed. To disprove the statement you'd have to show that Apistan could never achieve 100% kill rate. That is a very tough proposition.

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What are the chances of achieving a 100% kill I wonder ? I think it's an extravagant claim. About the only method I can think of that would be 100% effective is to give the hive the AFB treatment, plus leaving a box alongside to collect the stragglers next day & burn that one as well. I think a claim of say up to 98% would be more honest.

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The efficacy is one of the items checked by the regulator. There were plenty of studies used by, for example, the Canadian regulator and the VMD in the UK in the approval process. They demonstrated efficacy of 97%, 98.5, 99.7 and even 100%. There is no problem with Ceracell's claim stated above.

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