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Wasp Breeding & Control Options Landcare Reaearch

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yesbut submitted a new resource:


[plain]Wasp Breeding & Control Options Landcare Reaearch[/plain] - [plain]Wasp Control Info[/plain]


Report on wasp control prepared for Tasman District Council by Landcare Reaearch 2013


Read more about this resource...


There's a recent thread discussing trappping & traps that are available for wasp trapping. Basically according to the experts it's a waste of time trapping workers because they're short lived anyway & the nest produces more at enormous rate. The report is worth reading.

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What are the natural predators of wasps in Europe, Africa and Asia? Any viable options which can help us in NZ without destroying anything else?


I know bee eater birds are not an option as they will catch every other bee (honey bees, native bees etc) before they start catching wasps.

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