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DocumentCut Cell Queen Raising

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Ok at first stages of this cut cell method, first thing I've noticed is without a cage, the queen is a bit shy to lay into the new comb. So what I did is forced her onto the QC frame in the hope she stays put, will check today for any eggs. If not, then will take her out and put her into a separate box with a few frames as Alastair suggests to do without using a bent excluder.


Cheers @Alastair for explaining it all very well.

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I discovered that there is no relying on the queen laying in the queen cell comb, after 4 days she was still shy. So I separated her out into another box with a frame of pollen/honey and she laid in there within 12 hours.


I gather there should be no issues introducing the queen back into the main hive after this short period of time?

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