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Nikau for pollen only?

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Hi all

I have a question. Noticed that some Nikau is in Flower at mo. Beautiful

Bees are visiting and seem to be gathering pale cream pollen in the morning. But is there any nectar from this plant? and if so what sort of honey does it make if it makes any?

I seems to be a bit sparodic when it comes to flowering too. ie some flower early and others months later.

I can't find much info on the subject but I know someone out there will know.

Thanks guys

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Looks like I could have found the answer to part of my own question.:)


Nikau does produce nectar which the bees collect as well as some birds.

It appears the flowering period can occur any time between Oct- April.


However, does anyone know what sort of honey results from it, if there is enough flowering at the same time.?


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