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Plant identification - Lantana camara

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Yeah right as they say in Mangatainoka. Garden centres are responsible for many a rampant "weed". And what is a weed? A plant in the wrong place. How many plants "escape" by being turfed out with the garden rubbish and end up becoming noxious weeds? More than we care about. That's how "Old Man's Beard" got loose and that is precisely why lantana is such a noxious pest on Norfolk Island. Garden centres are the business of selling plants, often to innocent buyers. I've got some nice sort of prickly plants with beautiful golden flowers - great spring pollen for bees. Could I persuade you to by some? I hear Napoleon used it ground up to feed his troops horses during his abortive Russian campaign. Now in Nn England it makes a fine manageable hedge, and in some areas they are so concerned about it there are "protection reserves" for it. Do you think farmers in NZ would buy it for hedging now or NZ beekeepers plant the back gulley with it for a spring pollen source. What? You don't think so. Great I should really hope that was your response. "Gorse". Yes it IS a cultivar in the UK, so a garden centre here, if they had never heard of it growing here before could truely say, Oh but this is a cultivated variety. Sorry lantana is lantana. Sorry, but I'd suggest - get rid of it by burning.:(

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