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hives stolen -warkworth

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quote from his email.


Hi guys,

Just wanted to give you all the heads up that I’ve had some beehives stolen from Hepburn Creek in Warkworth.

The whole apiary was cleaned out, between 24 and 30 hives (hadn’t counted them for a while).

They were taken between 2 and 4 weeks ago I would suggest.

Colours of hives are light blue, brown, grey and white with either a black, silver or orange spraypainted dot on one end of the brood box. Bottom boards are made from plywood, tin roof from Ceracell with pigeared spot welded corners and wooden frame excluders. Mixture of ¾ and full depth and mostly 9.5 litre feeders with unpainted wooden frame.

If you see of hear anything please give me a call so I can identify if need be.

Hope you’ve all had a good winter and looking forward to a another great season.


any info can be pm to me and i'll pass it on.

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Heck. It really bugs me when people steal. We really really do not need low life's like that in our community. Pity we can"t export them to somewhere like Somalia


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Whatever happened to those guys who were running a beehive chop shop up North? Were they properly punished?

slap on the wrist with wet paper towel if i remember right.

if its the one i think your referring to some of those hives where stolen from warkworth.

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Did there have numbers on them? I can add something to our next newsletter if you like?

some more info.


Thanks for that.

I've got green tie down straps with my beekeeper registration A7047,

followed by Hives4Harvest and M: 0220 469233 embossed into the straps.

The only other identifiable things are the bottom boards are made from

plywood and I have either a silver, black or orange spray painted dot on one

end of the brood box.

Hope that helps

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