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Do Bees really feel pain??

Do bees feel pain ??  

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  1. 1. Do bees feel pain ??

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Does this include 'emotions' - like 'anger'?

But...I 'believe' bees can feel what we call 'pain', it is just we can't 'hear' them scream!

But that is just my opinion, I have no proof. Still, I go slowly when I work my colonies trying to harm as few bees as I can. And No..... I don't think I would ever make a good commercial beekeeper!

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That's a good reply Dave, I have a short video of beeks in China that run multiple queens in 1 hive up to 10 in some for royal jelly production, they cut off the mandibles so the queens don't fight. I always pondered that same question not that I want to produce royal jelly but whenever I get stung an watch the girl pull her back end apart I ask myself what is she thinking at that point.

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Pbee I'm sure you would make a fine commercial beekeeper , all good beekeepers care about their bees and do everything they can to avoid damaging them if only because it makes good economic sense . Can bees feel pain. They certainly react to pain stimulus but I agree with Dave that they don't feel it the same way as we do. When a bee stings me under the nose it can still run round and even fly for some time afterwards while I become a pain sodden useless wreck.

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