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New Zealand Bloom Dates for 2014

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hi all

you will find over the last two years many of the trees and bushes are flowering at different times to usual. This is caused by the drought in most of the country and then increased rainflow in winter.

Flowering although a natural response for trees is a stress response and saps the stores of the tree concerned. a drought can do things one. the tree doesn't flower at all as doing so may spell its end if the drought continues. you may also get a split flowering a bit like having a bet each way . so part of the tree will bud and flower and then flowers again a bit later if conditions are condusive. Pohuts for instance do this split flowering and may even go for an early flowering if there is a temp spike in early spring.

Generally the plants that grow the fastest will flower heavy under streesful conditions -think willows fast and if the temp spikes its on for young and old. The slower growing trees tend to err on the side of caution , pohut oaks etc. Manuka would fall into this list although fast in early years everything tends to slow down and they become a bit more clever about how they use their resources.

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Took photos of manuka in flower at the weekend:eek:

Funny you should say that.(y)

Driving into the skid site to cut fire wood on Saturday, I stopped to look at a Manuka bush with flowers on it, And it wasn't the only one around. From then on I noticed flecks of white flowers on many bushes, definitely not a main flowering but it is interesting to see.:unsure:

Local Gorse is flowering also, again not as heavy as some seasons but enough.:)

Most of the hives I've checked over the last week have a made significant gains in their honey stores over the last 6 weeks, which is a relief after the very poor summer and disastrous local Autumn. One or two of them might even get another box so they have more space to store this winter honey.:)

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We have tree Lucerne flowering and the bees are going crazy, I'm sure this is 3 or 4 weeks earlier than last year.

I bet you're wrong ! It's about right for tagasaste. The Kereru are late here though .

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