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Swarm produced comb but then majority of bees vanished, why?

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Yep, single hives as a hobbiest leave you with nowhere to turn in a disaster. Two are better for comparing, sharing resources etc. I would say your bees are running out of time to recover with a queen cell, taking in to account mating time and time till her eggs hatch. Perhaps a nuc with a mated queen would be the quickest way to save the bees you have


Might need to reduce that entrance down to help defend against wasps, as feeding them will have them wreck the rest of the bees. 1 to 2 cm if there are not many bees and adjust accordingly

Yeah, the plan was to get another hive once this was up and running... lesson learnt.


The plan was to get some brood, eggs and bees from another top bar hive and put them in with the idea they would create a queen as I haven't been able to find a swarm yet... just missed out on one on the weekend.


Yes, reduced the entrance down to 1/3 this evening once I noticed the wasp

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How does that work? I thought a swarm need a queen? Either ran out of room or evicted by workers aka swarm cell.

you are probably right about the definition of a "swarm" being something with a queen.

but all homeless bees will form a cluster, even if from different hives.

the biggest swarm(cluster of bees) i ever saw was at an apiary where the bees had been shifted a few hundred meters and all bees went back to the old address.

next biggest would be the clusters of homeless bees i used to pick up daily from the windows in the honey storage of one outfit i used to work for. (nothing to be proud of)

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