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Isnt that happening already ?

I dont see too many honey packers struggling.




he he he !...... yep ! and that's what i'm aiming to do, although i'm only a little fella, I want to be totally self reliant.

I'm making my own floors and boxes from recycled m/c timber . my next trick is to make my own simplicity frames, and i'm just about to try some vacuum formed plastic foundation. in doing that .... the likes of ecroyd etc, can go to hell on a hand cart !

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That's the sort of sentiment that makes the world go around...........like a square wheel


well I just don't like beholding to anybody, it's just the way I am ! ... also having run a few business I sort of know the ins and outs, and, I just hate lining someone else's pockets ! not only that , when they can't supply me product esp at this time of the year .... well as I say , it's best to rely on your own resources, only ya self to blame if it all turns to s...

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