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My good friend Robert Guyton who is quite famous down here, for his food forest garden, writing a column for NZ Gardener Mag, Sitting on the Environment Southland Council, local weekly radio show- Down To Earth, and his work with the South Coast Environment Center among other things (as if he has time), is starting a movement he is calling Common Ground.


Have a read of his blog; robertguyton: Common Ground up-date


I think of it like this; yes I may be a rabid urban farmer, a bit like Tom Good, or an urban Homesteader in today's speak, you may not be, you may call yourself something else and have a very different ideology, but we both have Common Ground.


"My proposal is simple; that anyone wanting to align with this initiative, receives a Green Man sticker, and puts it somewhere where they can see it and be reminded that there are others out there in the environment, planting for a purpose, and who want to be actively replanting an environment that has been treated less than ideally."

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