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Hi guys, this uis a bit of a long shot, because my bees have shown no interest in this tree so far - maybe because it is shaded and does not have many flowers, but maybe its just not a bee tree.


I estimate its maybe 5m tall, so it may be classed as a shrub.


this is the tree:



and a closeup of the leaves and flower:



Its been planted in my garden by a previous owner, and I've never seen flowers like this before.

Any ideas?


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Awesome, thanks Rob.

Using your info as a starting point, I suspect it is a Himalayan Strawberry Tree - Cornus capitata

Growth Rate: Slow/Medium

Height after 5 years: 3 m

Height when mature: 5 m


Which is, indeed a member of the dogwood family as you noted. I have never seen it get red fruit, which might be due to the shade. Nearby pittisporums have been cut down by the neighbour, so increased light may see a difference this year.

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:) dogwood. sentimental favorite of mine from our family holiday home in Taupo, though I don't remember red fruit... possibly a different subsecies or we simply weren't there when it fruited.


Always pictured having a long rural driveway oneday lined with alternating silk trees and dogwoods. messy as all get out, but gorgeous

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