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Nearly killed Q. Did I do right?

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We seem to have avoided a pollen dearth this year. The opposite seems to be happening! The willows and practically everything with a flower has hung on for what seemed to be ages as have the cabbage trees after starting early. 
We are grateful for the rain in the last couple of days as it’s been steady and will have filled the depleted dams that were emptying with the warmth and the wind. (Also nice to be home & catching up on the stuff that gets put off in the craziness that’s October.) The dry of last year certainly had a long term effect on grass growth & tree growth. Our farming friends have had very little growth prior and over winter.Clover is popping up everywhere.
There are wee Manuka flowering hard out on the side of the roads & we may see a kanuka flower in an area that’s not had one for four years after getting hammered by Manuka beetles. (Not sure I’m grateful about that or not yet as darker honey ain’t favour of the month.)

We live in interesting times as beekeepers. 

I’m looking forward to checking on this years requeened hives & splits in the next round. The cycle continues. 

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