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Nope just live with them, they don't cause problems to the hive unless the hive is failing. Then they just clean up.

They are after the heat for brood rearing!


Would Lavender oil taint ur honey?


You only use 2 or 3 drops inside the lid , on top of the hive matt so it does not taint the honey.


Will also give cinnamon a try.

Thanks Erin

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Just checked one of my hives and when I lifted the lid it was black with ants. I got my butane burner out and scorched the ######s to dead and have put Lavendar essential oil under the lid.

There were no ants inside the hive where the bees are.


Does any know of any way of keeping the beggers out.


Help Please

Move down our way:) The only ants around here are a few native species that don't associate with beehives (or with people).

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Trev I seen a TBH last year with its legs in four bucket of water with grease painted above this on each leg with cinnamon between the top bars and roof and the ants still made it their home :( not phased by the water in the buckets they built a living bridge and just rocked over the grease and nested with the cinnamon all around them.


Futile I'm thinking. Embrace the Ant it will win :love:

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