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We enjoy your posts in the monthly diary and its great to see the conversation free flowing. Please use this topic to tell us what you are doing in your hives, if it sparks a discussion, we may move it to its own topic for clearer visibility and to generate interest. Creating new topics is a positive feature of the forum, so please don't be offended.

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Riley’s gonna grow into those gloves! She insisted that she have her “work boots” and her gloves on. 

I took a mum and 3 girls beekeeping today. They’re keen to get hives but wanted some experience and advise.  This little one was amasing. They started out in a full suit but by the end of the day al

Most of my hives were pretty good today but I found one weak hive that was obviously a partial drone layer. Luckily I spotted her running across the comb so it was a quick whack with the hive too

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15 hours ago, Maru Hoani said:

Starting to full up today, rushing around putting second supers on and sorting brood ups, still got about 70-80 hives to shift in yet.

the early flow looks to be over. already got customers dropping off honey to be extracted.

tho i'm still putting the plant back together. as always there is issues with the new machines.

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4 hours ago, Stoney said:

Jumped out of the sack before the birds woke up this morning to shift a site of queenright tops I made with cells a few weeks back, southerly blowing with light drizzle sure had the animals out.. nice to see 11 pigs and 6 red hinds on the round trip.. 

Yer lucky getting drizzle.  We haven't had much rain lately, but plenty of incredibly strong cold winds.  Horrible to work in.  


Kale, blackcurrants and dandelion flowering now.  Things have stepped up a notch, thank goodness

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Swarm cells in my strong hive yesterday so I've caved and decided to do a walkway split today. 

But as per usual. When your in a hurry you can never find the queen. But when your not looking or don't need to see her she practically walks in front of you.

Went through the boxes 4 times before I friggin found her...


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