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Catlins Honey is a supplier in Invercargill   https://www.catlinshoney.co.nz/index.html  

I've dealt with both Beeline supplies (very helpful) and Caitlin (very efficient on TradeMe)

29 minutes ago, Braiden said:

nah there seems to be no bee equipment suppliers down here


Farmlands have stores in the area and I thought they were an ecrotek reseller (?).

It would make sense to contact beekeeping clubs in Dunners and elsewhere to search out support. If you can find a local mentor and nearest club there will be all sorts of useful information, even if you are just surviving on a club newsletter by email because it is too far to travel. 

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Dunedin has a couple of suppliers:


Beeline Supplies Ltd (Brian)

Bee Supplies Otago (Eric)


Both Brian and Eric are pretty helpful.


If you are willing to drive up to Dunedin I can sell you a nuc but it won't be until late October that I have more ready to go.

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