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I am sure that way back when ..... when  Samuel Coleridge penned his verse....


In Xanadu, when Kubla khan

A stately pleasure dome decree

Where Alph the sacred river ran

Through caverns measureless to man

Down to a sunless sea .......


A damsel with a dulcimer 

In a vision I once saw

It was an Abysinnian maid

And on her dulcimer she played

Singing of Mount Abora ....


And close your eyes with holy dread

For he on Honey Dew hath fed

And drunk the milk of paradise.


Mr Samuel Coleridge had either been  up our gully and sampled the sweet dew ..... or he was stoned .....

which leads to the next question ..... will we legalise IT in the upcoming election.... or does our Honey Dew have mystical qualities ?







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Pretty stoked with these bad boys (girls)! ... I also have taken @Maggie JamesQC tutorial 😊, though I am using the double screen board method for production. Got a take of 86 out of 90 grafts. 

Really gotta say I don’t like not having the location visible.   I don’t want to have to check a profile every time I want to see where someone’s from to get an idea of whether there Post is mo

Blue socks😃

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Nice @Maru Hoani ..... we seem to be on glide time ...... pulled bees out of the forestry over the last few nights plonking them on sites to fatten up on Kowhai .    The willow is in full flower but getting hammered by the wind, and for the first time I can remember our forestry landlords have denied us access to their land on account of the impending storm.


In the meantime, cells are growing with an eye to going out at the end of next week ..... but with stuff all winter losses this year - thanks Mrs Apivar -  its the easiest spring we have known for a long time.


Which has given us time to sort out the new kitchen !

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I hear yah Frazz ..... we have sold dribbles, but certainly not container loads  ..... but we sold some deer the other day .

This is one of builder Bobs cheap builds.... doing as much as we can ourselves and hiring Bob's mate, who knows more than Bob, to see us right.

The insurance company refused to cover the house, so anything is better than nothing ..... right.


My other mate took some cattle to the sale yards yesterday ......320kg steers that needed a bit of finishing on some downcountry green stuff. He had no offers and took them home. This is the time of the rising plane, and should be a time of  optimism and rising prices.


I wonder when the industry will release an App for stressed out Beekeepers ...... for whatever good that will do .



Perhaps we need to revisit the idea of a honey collective .... a joining of drums and resources and strength in numbers to present a united  front.


I talked with a Chinese lady yesterday who offered me $2.50 for a 500gm jar of Honey Dew. But then I'd guess you'd expect that ... eh !




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Today was such a beautiful day, I lit my smoker...and it didnt go out til I put the stick down its gob,.... and inspect both hives.

Both looking really good, nice tight capped brood, finally got to see a frame with the 'circle' of brood.

I didnt get to see the Queens, but then I dont look too hard for her anymore, pearly white grubs, didnt see any eggs and I did try but to be honest, my hair kept getting in the way so from now on I will wear a head band.... nice looking caps in both hives even though I know one has mite issues at the moment it didnt show in the caps like it has done in the past.

Lots of pollen and mmm a few frames of honey already starting to get capped.


I still take too much time inspecting, but have isolated one issue that should help speed things up.... Long hives do not need that gap at the top of the frames, so I am thinking about how best to deal with this. Thinking of ways I can add a top bar-glue and screwed on, with a slight gap for the hive tool to wedge them apart.

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@mischieftry using a “buff”. My hair is now quite long and even tied back there’s annoying whispy bits. I pull a buff over and all’s good! Deals with the glow as the days warm up.

Practice and time makes you faster in the hive, but sometimes it’s just nice to really look at what’s going on. The more you look the better you understand. As long as the girls ain’t bothered then it’s all good. 

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A month ago I treated a hive with formic acid pro. Before treating it I did an alcohol wash and got 21 varoa.

I did an alcohol wash on the same hive today and got one varoa so it did work  although I would have to say it was pretty harsh on the hive with several handfuls of dead bees over the first few days and the grass is still scorched out the front of the hive. The hive is only about the same strength it was a month ago and although it still has the original Queen she is not laying startlingly well and there are a lot of dummy cells.

The hive next door had five varoa a month ago and I didn't treat it because it was showing varoa resistance and I wanted to see how it went. One month on and it has 4 varoa and is absolutely booming. This hive will remain untreated and I will monitor it over the summer and hopefully use it for a breeder.

The rest of my morning was spent burning the four AFB hives I brought home last night.

An apology and some compensation from the person responsible for this latest outbreak would be nice but I'm not holding my breath. It's a shame I don't believe in karma because they really deserve a visit from the pile fairy.

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So devastating having to burn the hives @john berry, we're lucky that for a few years we've been AFB free, but it's in the area and I expect to find it any day, unfortunately. Good luck with the apology and some compensation, but pile fairy might be a more likely scenario. 

As for the formic treatment, we found that it took the hives a wee while to turn around, but most of them did develop very nicely after the treatment. Just that they needed another treatment to follow it up a few weeks later, which made it rather expensive and double the work. 

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