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I'm relatively new to the hobby and this will be my first spring after starting a new single hive (single FD brood box) apiary last October.

So on the weekend i did a quick hive inspection to see how the colony was doing for overwintering honey supplies and check on the brood frames.

  • Absolutely no shortage of honey with full bur comb stuck between the lid and top hive mat.
  • Strong numbers of worker bees.
  • Brood frames were a bit light on, maybe half capacity.
  • Quite a few drones running missions during the last couple weeks
  • Lots of pollen coming.

My question is:

I want to split the hive to build up a second hive this year by putting another full depth super on top, transfer some brood frames to it and start feeding to get the colony to expand.

Should I do this now, or is it too early still?

All advice welcome.


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far to early, far to cold.

however things are moving and it won;t be long until they take off.


one common mistake beginners do is spit weak hives and they often end up with two dead hives (or very close to it). i would wait until the hive is at least 3-4 boxes high before splitting.

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