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18 hours ago, Otto said:

I agree with @john berry. A scale of severity would be good. As would a more accurate indicator of how far away it was (why not put the actual straight line distance?).

And I agree with @Otto agreeing with @john berry!  I was not anticipating that this might be a 'self-reporting' system - I was thinking more about hives inspected by someone trained for consistent reporting of the severity of an AFB infection. 


But (as I do not receive the warnings, not owning hives as I do, er, ah, don't) I am not sure if the TXT alerts you to the number of infected cases, or just that there are one or more?  Again, the provision of the more detailed information would not have privacy implications, but could lead to better management decision-making.

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Agree that levels of severity would be interesting.   Something to bear in mind though is that a lot of reports are generated from hobbyists that have found a hive with a mild infection. The

I have heard beekeepers say that the TXT notification of nearly AFB is useful, but does not provide enough information to respond appropriately.   I can understand that for privacy reasons t

I have always thought that when AFB is reported there should be several categories i.e. light infection (five or less infected cells per brood frame) moderate infection (most of the brood is still hea

2 hours ago, yesbut said:

The texts refer only to "AFB". 

Yes, that is a start - better than the industry used to have.  But if it could be extended to better indicate to some degree the quantity/nature of the risk, while still adhering to privacy requirements, it could be even better, I feel... 

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