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There is very little HMF in refined white sugar, or even brown/raw sugar. I tested a handful of samples a year or two ago for a beekeeper article I wrote. All samples were <1 mg/kg if I remember co

If you feed a sugar syrup with high hmf you will have bee die-off , but if you feed a fondant with a high hmf you would be less likely to see much bee loss because the bees use fondant a whole lot slo

Eeek, thousands? Would it make any sense to produce the next batch of fondant without adding lemon juice, then get a sample tested of that? I'll be happy to put the results on the forum. It'

2 hours ago, mischief said:

Yep, I do wonder.

The only proper feed for bees is their own resources.

Of all 'livestock', they are the only ones who provide for themselves.

Maybe its time to stop treating them like a commodity.

I think all live stock provide for them selves, or have I missed the doco where animals are lining up at foodbank's.

mischief, the sentiment is good, keep up that idealism, but temper it with realism. 

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The OP is about HMF not really about feeding but if/when it is necessary, it is simply poor beekeeping to let a colony starve to death. The OP is also about over-wintered Nucleus Colonies, by their very nature they are small colonies without the resources to amass large amounts of stores, yet in early spring they will be trying to expand into full size colonies. On the other hand over winter if a queen fails and needs to be replaced a Nuc colony can be joined to it to replace the queen and boost the colony. If we are not prepared to feed colonies then does it mean we are prepared to let them starve and that we aren't prepared to run Nuc's and then that means we will let large colonies collapse without a queen. Since I don't sell honey it can't be said I remove too much for selling.. I do however eat honey from hives that have more than they will ever need. Maybe the concept of never feeding a hive is because some people let their hive die and just buy a new one? I wonder how these new hives magically appear?


In regards to the thread, we've not needed to feed and consequently haven't yet got samples send in either for HMF analysis. But will make up a fudge soon regardless to measure the actual HMF.

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On 27/08/2020 at 6:47 PM, Dennis Crowley said:

I think all live stock provide for them selves, or have I missed the doco where animals are lining up at foodbank's.

mischief, the sentiment is good, keep up that idealism, but temper it with realism. 

....Do they? Cow, and sheep etc... collect their own grass and store it for the lean time? Oh, being a city girl I didnt realise that, silly me....and from what I have seen on farms, they absolutely do line up at the food bank that their farmers provide for them in the form of hay and silage. They dont provide for themselves, they just eat what ever happens to be in front of them.


In order to be realistic, there is also the requirement of observing facts, or should be.


And here I was wondering why exactly it is that the third highest reason for colony loses is starvation...in a country that does not have such severe winters as in the northern hemisphere and where in most of the country bees are able to fly out to forage....and you of course, wonder why I should be questioning these things?


I absolutely will keep up with the romantic idealistic concept that one day humankind will grant nature with the same rights it demands for itself, but I'm not holding my breath on that one- bugs are there to be used too, just like all the others.




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