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Advertising Standards rules on False Manuka Claims

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A blog post for manuka honey has been amended after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Association Complaints Board.

Manuka Honey of New Zealand promoted its various honey products in a blog post called "Can manuka honey stop me getting a virus?”

The post discussed various viruses and asserted that manuaka honey seemed to be able to boost a person’s immune system to minimise the risk of getting a virus.

“It's been trusted for centuries by healers all over the world... Use High MGO manuka honey as part of your Covid-19 protection plans,” the blog said.


A complaint to the Advertising Standards Association (ASA) was concerned that the post was making unsubstantiated health claims and playing on consumers’ fear of Covid-19.



Manuka Honey of NZ claimed that manuka honey should be part of people's Covid-19 protection plans.


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