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Dead bees! Honey frames”

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Evening people” 

hope every1 is safe and well during past few months with this pandemic crisis still backforwd! .


Please kindly help me with some answer and advice with some problems i got in my hand at the moment.


it startEd out with COVID-19 lockdown, 

beofore the lockdown I kept one hive at my tenant back yard..beginning of winter fall I blocked up my hive to protect robbers then Lockdown start and I couldn’t attend my hive..

when lockdown uplifted I when to visited hive and all bees disappeared..
i did not open hive and thinking everything is wrecked due to my lack of attention! 

Today I went to removed my hive, 

I found the super Box is empty, mid box with 9 full Frames Sealed honey, and brood box had rotten away..

also inside brood box saw mr. Mice pop out and took off! 

I know the honey is still good, but after seeing mr. Mice inside the box...I need you guys advices what should I do with these honey frames?! 
it’s still ok?? Or Rubbish it? 

please help me...





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If the hive has died because you closed up the entrance which it sounds as though you did, the honey frames should be fine. 

You would have been allowed to tend those bees during lockdown, as bees were categorised as "livestock"

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honey frames, eat it or burn it.


the problem here is trying to work exactly what killed the hive.

can you take some pics of the brood frames please.


what was the mite treatments?

when was it looked at last before the lockdown? what was the brood like then?

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